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Written by Randy Chambers on July 15, 2014

New York Yankees: Can New York Overcome The Injury To Masahiro Tanaka?: Looking At The Yankees Season Without Their Star Pitcher
Photo by: USA TODAY Sports

The Yankees are in trouble without Masahiro Tanaka.

The New York Yankees are five games back in the AL East entering the second half of the MLB season and are without their best pitcher in Masahiro Tanaka. After suffering a torn ligament in his right elbow and possibly needing Tommy John surgery, it goes without saying that the Yankees are in serious trouble when it comes to making a run towards the postseason. Hiroki Kuroda is the only active New York pitcher from the Opening Day roster, and he hasn’t been anything to brag about so far.

Tanaka may have a banged up elbow, but he should also have a broken back due to carrying the Yankees much of the season. The first-year pitcher is 12-4 with a 2.51 ERA and leads the Yankees with 135 strikeouts. Tanaka was making a strong case for AL Rookie of the Year and had an argument for the CY Young award if he was able to continue his dominance. Now, the Yanks will simply be grasping at straws just to stay afloat in a tough AL East.

Is it possible?

I just don’t see it at the present moment. Even with Tanaka, we’re talking about a Yankees team that is 22nd in the majors in runs scored and 20th in team ERA. The Yankees aren’t driving in runs the way many expected and Kuroda is the only pitcher besides Tanaka who has at least five wins under his belt. The Yankees also have one of the worst home records in baseball at 18-23, which isn’t going to get the job done if they’re hoping to be a part of the playoffs.

But it’s clear some oddmakers still believe in the Yankees, as you can find their odds to win the World Series up to +2200, which of course provides value, but is almost the same as the Baltimore Orioles and greater than the Cincinnati Reds.

I get it, it’s the Yankees, a team you never want to count out and say they can’t be a part of October. However, unless the Yankees make a run towards David Price and their batting lineup starts to carry the team the way it hasn’t all year, that five game deficit is just going to get larger the longer we go into the season.

Save your money if you’re considering backing the Yankees on any future bets. 


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