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Written by Steven Smith on August 25, 2014

Oakland Raiders vs. Seattle Seahawks Free Pick, Odds, Prediction 8/28/14: Steve's Free NFL Football Pick Against the Spread
Photo by: USA TODAY Sports

The Oakland Raiders and the Seattle Seahawks get set to meet on Thursday in the final preseason warmup for these two teams.

The Seahawks head to Oakland on Thursday to face off against the Raiders at the Colosseum.

The Oakland Raiders are sitting at 1-2 currently.  The Raiders made one of the oddest moves this past offseason, bringing in Matt Schaub from a two win Houston team of lsat season.  Schaub hasn’t shown me anything in Oakland to suggest that last season was a fluke, and right now, Matt McGloin looks like the Raiders best option under center.  Oakland did draft Carr this past spring, and the Raiders have high hopes for him, but he is far from ready to go under center in a live game.  The Raiders last outing was against the Packers, and Oakland fell 31-21 to Green Bay.  Once again McGloin looked like the best option under center for the Raiders, as McGloin threw two scores against the Pack.  MJD made some highlight reels after this game, having a long 40 yard touchdown run, showing us all that there are some wheels left there.

The Seattle Seahawks have approached nearly every preseason game this season like they are playing for their playoff lives.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing, and it does make a more entertaining game to watch, but that kind of fire in Oakland could lead to a few yellow hankies on the field in this one.  Seattle knows basically who they have, and who they don’t as the Seahawks are one of the deepest teams in the league.  Much like the Niners in their own division, a lot of teams around the league will be watching this game, trying to grade the players that Seattle is forced to cut, as many of them can find roster spots in other places around the league.  I do like the backfield in Seattle, especially he way Turbin has been running.  Turbin knows that Michael is the fan favorite to replace Lynch and Turbin is doing everything he can to get noticed, so look for another hard fought game from him here on Thursday..

I’ll take the Raiders in this spot.  Seattle has played hard this preseason, and even though it’s not really in their makeup, I look for Carroll to try and lighten the mood here on Thursday.  Look for Seattle to just go through the motions, while a win might actually do the Raiders psyche some good.  Also, as long as Schaub isn’t on the field much, the Raiders odds increase as well.  So there’s that.

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Steve's Pick: Oakland Raiders +5.5

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