Which college football team has been ranked the most weeks at Number One?

The College Football team with the most weeks ranked at number one
2020-06-26 12:00:00 EDT

There have been a lot of elite college football programs but some have been better than others. Let’s take a look at the ten college football teams that have been ranked the longest at number one in the Associated Press poll. Check back all season long for free college football picks and college football predictions at Sports Chat Place.

10 Florida Gators -41 Weeks

The Florida Gators have been one of the best college football teams in the last couple of decades. In 1985 was Florida’s first appearance and their last appearance was in 2009 when Tim Tebow was the starting quarterback.

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9.Texas Longhorns -45 Weeks

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The Texas Longhorns are trying to get back to one of the best programs in college football. In 2008 was the Longhorns last time at number one. 

8.Miami Hurricanes -68 Weeks

The Miami Hurricanes glory days seem to be behind them, but for many years this was one of the best teams in college football. Miami has won five National Championships. 

7.Nebraska Cornhuskers -70 Weeks

The Nebraska Cornhuskers haven’t been ranked number one since 2000, but they have found themselves at number one for 70 weeks. 

6.Florida State Seminoles -72 Weeks 

The Florida State Seminoles history has been filled with ups and downs but they have been ranked number one for 72 Weeks. The last time Florida State was ranked at the top was in 2014. 

5.USC Trojans -91 Weeks

The USC Trojans’ success dates back a long time. The first time USC was ranked number one was all the way back in 1939. 

4.Notre Dame Fighting Irish -98 Weeks

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish have been one of the best programs in college football for a long time. Notre Dame first appeared on the list back in 1938. 

3.Oklahoma Sooners -101 Weeks

The Oklahoma Sooners haven’t appeared at number since 2011 but they have still held that spot for 101 weeks. 

2.Ohio State Buckeyes -105 Weeks

The Ohio State Buckeyes would have a lot more weeks at number one if it wasn’t for the Alabama Crimson Tide. The last time Ohio State appeared at number was in 2015.

1.Alabama Crimson Tide -122 Weeks

The Alabama Crimson Tide first appeared at number one in 1961 and since that point they have appeared at number one for 122 weeks.

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