Florida Atlantic vs Eastern Michigan Prediction Basketball Picks 11-14-23

Florida Atlantic vs Eastern Michigan Prediction Basketball Picks 11-14-23 player photo
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As the season unfolds, the Eastern Michigan Eagles and Florida Atlantic Owls prepare for a showdown that promises to be a big test for both teams. Eastern Michigan, with a 1-1 record, is looking to establish dominance, while Florida Atlantic, starting their campaign with a victory, aims to continue their winning streak. This matchup, scheduled for November 14 at 7:00 PM ET, brings together two teams with distinct strengths and challenges. The Eagles, striving for consistency in their play, face the Owls, who have shown flashes of brilliance in their early performances. 

Seeking to Soar Higher

The Eastern Michigan Eagles, with a current record of 1-1, enter this matchup eager to solidify their position. The team's field goal percentage, standing at 39.6% (298th), alongside a three-point percentage of 32.6% (189th), indicates a need for improvement in shooting efficiency. Their total points scored, ranked 296th with an average of 62.5 points per game, and an average of 33.0 rebounds per game (223rd) suggest a team still finding its rhythm this season.

Leading the charge for the Eagles is Arne Osojnik, who has an average of 15.5 points per game. His contributions are pivotal, but the team needs more consistent support from players like Tyson Acuff (14.0 PPG) and Yusuf Jihad (9.0 PPG). John McGriff, contributing 5.0 rebounds per game, leads in the rebounding department but needs more support from his teammates to enhance the team's board control.

Free throw shooting, an essential aspect of the game, sees the Eagles at a 66.7% success rate (216th), an area where they could gain easy points but must improve. While the team's defensive efforts have been commendable, with players like Cyril Martynov and Legend Geeter each averaging 1.0 steal per game, and Geeter also contributing 0.5 blocks per game, they need to tighten their defense further to withstand strong offenses.

The team's recent performances, including a victory over Georgia Southern and a loss to Butler, highlight their potential but also underscore the need for more consistency in both offense and defense. The Eagles must focus on improving their shooting accuracy, particularly from beyond the arc, and bolster their defensive efforts to climb higher in the rankings.


Dominating the Skies with Precision

Florida Atlantic Owls, boasting a 1-0 record, step into this game with confidence. Their offensive prowess is evident with a field goal percentage of 46.4% (151st), and a 34.8% success rate from the three-point line (143rd). Scoring 75 points so far (350th), the Owls have shown they can put points on the board efficiently.

Vladislav Goldin, the team's standout performer, scored 19 points and grabbed rebounds, showcasing his all-around capabilities. Supporting him are Nick Boyd (13 points) and Johnell Davis (12 points), who add depth to the Owls' offensive strategy. Bryan Greenlee, leading the team with 5 assists, plays a crucial role in orchestrating the offense.

The Owls' rebounding game, with 30 boards on opening night (290th), shows room for improvement, especially against teams with strong inside presence. Their free throw percentage of 71.4% (136th) suggests reliability in capitalizing on foul shots, an essential aspect of maintaining momentum in close games.

Defensively, Goldin stands out not only in scoring and rebounding but also with 4 steals and 5 blocks, making him a formidable presence on both ends of the court. The Owls' overall defensive strategy, while effective, will face a true test against teams with versatile offensive tactics.


David's Pick: Florida Atlantic Owls (-25)

In this showdown, the Florida Atlantic Owls are poised to take the victory. Their superior field goal and three-point percentages, coupled with the impressive all-around performance of Vladislav Goldin, give them a significant edge. Eastern Michigan, while showing promise, struggles with consistency in shooting and rebounding, areas where the Owls excel. Expect Florida Atlantic to use their offensive efficiency and robust defense to control the game and secure a win.

David Brown's Free Pick:Florida Atlantic Owls (-25)