Syracuse vs Colgate Prediction Basketball Picks 11-14-23

Syracuse vs Colgate Prediction Basketball Picks 11-14-23 player photo
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In an early season showdown, the Colgate Raiders (1-0) face off against the Syracuse Orange (2-0). This game, set to light up the court on November 14 at 7:00 PM ET, presents a classic clash of styles and strategies. The Raiders, coming off a close win against Brown, look to assert their offensive capabilities, while the Orange, with two convincing wins under their belt, aim to demonstrate their depth and tactical acumen. Both teams bring a mix of experience and emerging talent, making this matchup not only a test of early-season form but also a showcase of potential conference frontrunners. 

 Charting a Path to Triumph

The Colgate Raiders, standing at 1-0, step onto the court with a blend of optimism and a strategic focus. They bring a robust field goal percentage of 48.1% (115th), complemented by a 33.3% success rate from the three-point line (169th). Despite their lower ranking in points scored (353rd with 72 points), the Raiders have shown they can score efficiently when needed.

Braeden Smith emerges as the team's standout player, leading in points (17), assists (5), and steals (3), proving to be a multifaceted threat. Supporting him is Nicolas Louis-Jacques (15 points) and Keegan Records (14 points), each contributing significantly to the team's scoring efforts. Rebounding, however, remains a concern, with the team securing 32 rebounds (249th on opening night). Sam Thomson, the leading rebounder with 7, needs more consistent help from his teammates to enhance board control.

Defensively, the Raiders show promise, especially with Records and Thomson each contributing 1.0 block. Their defensive strategy will need to focus on limiting their opponents' scoring opportunities and converting defense into offense efficiently. The Raiders' recent win against Brown showcased their capability, but they will need to build on this momentum and maintain consistency in both offense and defense to continue their success.

 Aiming for Continued Dominance

The Syracuse Orange, currently 2-0, enter this matchup with a blend of confidence and strategic prowess. With a field goal percentage of 47.7% (129th) and a three-point percentage of 30.0% (234th), the Orange have shown an ability to score effectively, underscored by their ranking of 94th in points scored with an average of 86.0 points per game.

Judah Mintz stands out as a key player, leading the team with 23.0 points per game and contributing in multiple areas, including assists (3.5 APG) and steals (2.0 SPG). Supporting Mintz are Justin Taylor (13.5 PPG) and JJ Starling (13.5 PPG), each playing crucial roles in the team's offensive strategy. The Orange's rebounding game, with an average of 41.0 RPG (62nd), showcases their strength in controlling the boards, with Quadir Copeland leading with 8.5 RPG.

Defensively, the Orange are bolstered by the presence of Naheem McLeod, who leads the team with 2.5 blocks per game, adding a formidable defensive presence in the paint. The team's strategy will need to leverage their rebounding strength and defensive capabilities to counteract their opponents' offensive strategies. Syracuse's recent wins, including victories over Canisius and New Hampshire, demonstrate their capability to handle pressure and come out on top.

David's Pick: Syracuse Orange

In this intriguing matchup, the Syracuse Orange are favored to clinch the victory. Their balanced attack, coupled with a more robust rebounding game (41 RPG compared to Colgate's 32), gives them a significant edge. Syracuse's offensive depth, led by Judah Mintz (23.0 PPG) and supported by players like JJ Starling and Justin Taylor, should overwhelm Colgate's defense. The Orange's field goal percentage (47.7%) and free throw percentage (73.9%) also suggest a higher scoring efficiency.

While Colgate has shown promise with Braeden Smith's scoring prowess and Sam Thomson's rebounding, their overall team stats, including a lower field goal percentage (48.1%) and 3-point percentage (33.3%), indicate potential vulnerabilities against a team like Syracuse. The Orange's ability to capitalize on these advantages, particularly in rebounding and scoring depth, will likely be the deciding factors in this contest. Expect Syracuse to leverage their home court advantage and superior statistical edge to secure a win against the Raiders.

David Brown's Free Pick:Syracuse Orange