Temple vs Columbia Prediction Basketball Picks 11-18-23

Temple vs Columbia Prediction Basketball Picks 11-18-23 player photo
Credit: USA Today Sports

In this highly anticipated college basketball matchup, the Columbia Lions take on the Temple Owls on November 18. The game features contrasting styles of play, with Columbia's impressive offensive firepower facing off against Temple's tough defense. With both teams sitting atop their respective conferences, this clash promises to be a thrilling battle on the court.

Rising Offensive Prowess

The Columbia Lions are sporting a 2-2 record. A key factor in their success has been their impressive offensive output, averaging 78.0 points per game. This places them as one of the higher-scoring teams in the nation. Leading the charge is Geronimo Rubio De La Rosa, who has been consistently racking up points at an average of 11.8 per game. Additionally, Jaden Cooper has been instrumental in facilitating the offense, dishing out 3.5 assists per contest. These offensive leaders have contributed significantly to Columbia's offensive firepower.

When it comes to shooting efficiency, Columbia exhibits commendable numbers. Their field goal percentage stands at 45.8%, demonstrating their ability to convert scoring opportunities efficiently. This puts them in the upper half of college basketball teams in this category. However, their 3-point shooting percentage at 30.4% leaves some room for improvement. On the charity stripe, they excel, boasting a free throw percentage of 85.9%, ranking them among the top teams nationally.

On the defensive end, Columbia secures an average of 32.8 rebounds per game, a respectable figure that allows them to compete on the boards. Their defense also features an active steals leader, Geronimo Rubio De La Rosa, who averages 2.3 steals per game, showcasing their ability to disrupt opponents' offensive rhythm. In terms of blocked shots, the team has multiple contributors, with Josh Odunowo leading the way with 1.0 block per game. This versatile defensive effort adds to their overall competitiveness.

Defensive Fortress

The Temple Owls, with a pristine 3-0 record, have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with, primarily due to their exceptional defensive prowess. Opponents have struggled to put up points against Temple, as they allow only 66.3 points per game. Hysier Miller leads the team's scoring charge with a remarkable 18.0 points per game, demonstrating his ability to carry the offensive load. Jahlil White plays a crucial role on the boards, averaging 8.7 rebounds per game, ensuring Temple controls possession and limits second-chance opportunities for their opponents.

Defensively, Temple is stringent in limiting their opponents' field goal percentage, holding them to 38.5%. This remarkable statistic ranks them among the top defensive teams in the nation. Their defensive prowess is further highlighted by their ability to block shots, with Steve Settle III swatting away an impressive 2.0 shots per game, while Jahlil White adds 0.7 blocks per game. This rim protection adds an extra layer to their solid defense. Moreover, their free throw percentage of 82.1% is indicative of their proficiency in capitalizing on scoring opportunities from the charity stripe.

In summary, the Temple Owls have built their success on a foundation of staunch defense, efficient offense, and dominant rebounding. Their ability to stifle opposing offenses, limit field goal percentages, and protect the rim has made them a formidable opponent. With Hysier Miller leading the scoring and Jahlil White securing rebounds, Temple's balanced approach gives them a significant advantage heading into their matchup against the Columbia Lions.

David's Pick - Temple Owls -10

I'm leaning towards the Temple Owls emerging victorious in this matchup. While the Columbia Lions boast a potent offense, Temple's strong defense has the potential to disrupt their rhythm. The Owls' ability to limit opponents' field goal percentage and their solid free throw shooting make them a well-rounded team. With Hysier Miller leading the scoring charge and Jahlil White dominating the boards, Temple has a balanced attack. If they can maintain their defensive intensity and improve their 3-point shooting slightly, they should secure a win against Columbia. The statistics back up my pick for the Temple Owls to come out on top in this clash. Temple's formidable defense, allowing just 66.3 points per game, will pose a significant challenge to Columbia's offense, which averages 78.0 points per game. The Owls' ability to limit opponents' field goal percentage, holding them to 38.5%, indicates their defensive strength. In contrast, Columbia's 3-point shooting at 30.4% leaves room for improvement, and Temple's defense can exploit this weakness.

David Brown's Free Pick:Temple Owls -10