Tennessee vs Wofford Prediction Basketball Picks 11-14-23

Tennessee vs Wofford Prediction Basketball Picks 11-14-23 player photo
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As the Wofford Terriers and Tennessee Volunteers prepare for their upcoming showdown, the stage is set for an enthralling clash in college basketball. With both teams boasting a 2-0 record, this game is sure to please all basketball fans. The Terriers' sharpshooting meets the Volunteers' balanced attack and stout defense, promising a battle that could go down to the wire. 

 A Blend of Sharp Shooting and Emerging Talent

The Wofford Terriers, standing tall with a perfect 2-0 record, enter this highly anticipated matchup against the Tennessee Volunteers. Known for their efficient shooting, the Terriers have marked their territory in the NCAA landscape with a commendable 52.1% field goal percentage, placing them 48th nationally. This accuracy is not just limited to their field goals; their 3-point shooting prowess, with a 38.5% success rate, places them 75th in the nation, showcasing their ability to stretch the floor and challenge defenses from beyond the arc.

At the heart of Wofford's offensive juggernaut is Dillon Bailey, leading the scoring charge with an average of 16.0 points per game. His scoring acumen, coupled with Corey Tripp's all-around contributions (15.5 Pts, 5.0 Reb, and 4.0 Ast per game), creates a dynamic duo that can take over games. Kyler Filewich, shooting an impressive 80.0% from the field, adds another dimension to their attack, providing efficiency and reliability.

However, Wofford's rebounding statistics, with an average of 33.0 rebounds per game (223rd nationally), suggest a potential vulnerability. The team's ability to compete on the boards against Tennessee's formidable frontcourt will be a key factor in this game. Furthermore, their free throw percentage, standing at 240th nationally with 65.5%, could be a crucial aspect in close game situations.

Defensively, the Terriers have shown promise but will need to ramp up their intensity against a high-scoring Tennessee team. Jeremy Lorenz, leading in rebounds (6.5 per game) and contributing significantly in blocks (1.5 per game), will be pivotal in anchoring the defense, especially in the paint. The Terriers' ability to convert defense into offense, particularly through Corey Tripp's leadership in steals (1.5 per game), will be essential to counter Tennessee's offensive threats.

Strength in Depth and Defensive Prowess

The Tennessee Volunteers, also unbeaten with a 2-0 record, come into this game as a formidable opponent. Their team boasts a balanced and efficient offensive unit, evident from their 47.9% field goal percentage (124th) and 36.2% success rate from the 3-point line (109th). This efficiency reflects a team that excels in shot selection and offensive discipline.

Leading the charge for the Volunteers is Dalton Knecht, who has carried the team the first two games, averaging 20.5 points per game. His scoring ability, combined with Josiah-Jordan James's versatility (13.0 Pts and 6.5 Reb per game), forms a potent offensive threat. Jonas Aidoo's presence on the boards, leading the team with 7.5 rebounds per game, and his defensive prowess, evidenced by his 3.0 blocks per game, solidify Tennessee's frontcourt strength.

A critical aspect of Tennessee's dominance is their exceptional free throw shooting, ranking 5th nationally with an 87.9% success rate. This proficiency could be a decisive factor in the game's outcome, especially in late-game situations. Moreover, the team's depth is a significant asset, with players like Jordan Gainey contributing 12.0 points per game, adding another scoring option for the Volunteers.

Defensively, the Volunteers have exhibited their capability to disrupt opponents' plays. With players like Josiah-Jordan James leading in steals (2.0 per game), they have established a formidable defensive unit. This defense is not just about physicality; it's strategically positioned to challenge shots and force turnovers, essential against a team like Wofford that thrives on shooting efficiency.

David’s Pick: Tennessee Volunteers (-28)

In this high-stakes battle, the Tennessee Volunteers appear to have the upper hand. Their balanced attack, coupled with a robust defense, poses a significant challenge for Wofford. Tennessee's ability to maintain shooting efficiency, combined with their defensive tenacity and depth, might prove too much for Wofford's sharpshooting lineup. Expect a closely contested game, with Tennessee leveraging their defensive strength and depth to neutralize Wofford's offensive firepower, securing a hard-fought victory.


David Brown's Free Pick:Tennessee Volunteers (-28)