Vermont vs College of Charleston Prediction Basketball Picks 11-16-23

Vermont vs College of Charleston Prediction Basketball Picks 11-16-23 player photo
Credit: USA Today Sports

In this exciting matchup, the Charleston Cougars square off against the Vermont Catamounts, and all eyes are on the court as these two teams clash in a pivotal early-season contest. Charleston enters the game with a 1-1 record, while Vermont boasts an impressive 2-0 start to the season. With both teams showing promise, this game promises to be a battle of contrasting styles, with Charleston's defensive prowess going head-to-head with Vermont's sharpshooting offense. Let's delve deeper into the key aspects of each team's performance and what to expect in this thrilling showdown.

Charleston's Defensive Stalwarts

The Charleston Cougars, with a current record of 1-1, find themselves in a competitive position within their conference. One notable aspect of the Cougars' performance is their formidable defense, allowing an average of just 81.0 points per game. This defensive strength has been pivotal in their early-season success. On the offensive front, Charleston has displayed room for improvement, averaging 71.5 points per game. Ante Brzovic leads the team in scoring, contributing 14.5 points per game, while also serving as the Cougars' leading rebounder with an average of 7.0 rebounds per game. Brzovic's versatility is further highlighted as he leads the team in assists with 2.5 per game. Additionally, CJ Fulton steps up as the second leading scorer with 3.0 points per game.

In terms of shooting efficiency, Charleston faces challenges with a field goal percentage of 41.0%, a three-point shooting percentage of 21.8%, and a free throw percentage of 70.0%. However, they excel in the rebounding department, securing an average of 35.5 rebounds per game, with Brzovic leading the way. On the defensive end, Charleston's leader in steals is Ante Brzovic with 1.0 steals per game, and their blocked shots leader is yet to make a significant impact in this regard. 

Vermont's Offensive Firepower

The Vermont Catamounts have made a significant mark early in the 2023-2024 season with an impressive record of 2-0. What distinguishes Vermont is their explosive offense, averaging an astounding 79.5. points per game. TJ Long leads the team in scoring, amassing 15.0 points per game, while Matt Veretto orchestrates the offense effectively, serving as the leader in assists with 3.5 per game. Sam Alamutu has been dominant on the boards, becoming Vermont's leading rebounder with 9.5 rebounds per game. Vermont's shooting efficiency has been exceptional, boasting a field goal percentage of 54.5% and a three-point shooting percentage of 35.3%. Their free throw shooting stands at a solid 70.4%.

On the defensive end, Vermont allows opponents to score an average of 45.5 points per game. In this upcoming matchup against Charleston, Vermont's offensive firepower, combined with their efficient shooting, makes them formidable opponents. Tightening up their defense could provide an added edge, while their ability to score efficiently positions them as favorites in the contest. To secure a victory, Vermont must continue to rely on their offensive prowess and capitalize on their strengths, particularly their shooting accuracy and rebounding dominance.

David’s Pick - Vermont Catamounts +2

I pick the Vermont Catamounts to win this contest. Vermont's high-octane offense, boasting a 54.5% field goal percentage and a dynamic scoring duo in TJ Long and Matt Veretto, is likely to overpower Charleston's defense. While Charleston's defensive efforts are commendable, their offensive struggles are concerning. Vermont's offensive firepower and rebounding advantage give them the edge in this matchup. The choice of Vermont as the winner in this contest is based on their impressive offensive statistics. Vermont's ability to score efficiently, with a 54.5% field goal percentage and a 35.3% three-point shooting rate, should pose significant problems for Charleston's defense. TJ Long's scoring ability, combined with Matt Veretto's playmaking skills, creates a potent offensive tandem that is hard to contain. Furthermore, Vermont's dominance on the boards, led by Sam Alamutu, should provide them with second-chance opportunities, making it difficult for Charleston to limit their offensive output. 

In conclusion, Vermont's offensive firepower and rebounding advantage, backed by their efficient shooting, make them the favorites to emerge victorious in this matchup. Charleston's defense may keep them in the game, but ultimately, Vermont's scoring ability will secure the win.

David Brown's Free Pick:Vermont Catamounts +2