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Fantasy Football News and Updates: 2013 NFL Week 6 Stock Watch Decreasing Values

2013-10-09 03:00:00 EDT

Stock Watch – Bear Market

The NFL season is in full swing now, and players values are rising and falling each day.  Here is a look as some players whose values are currently heading in the wrong direction, and fantasy owners must now decide if they are buy or sell candidates.

Atlanta Falcons – The injury bug has decided to reek havok on the Atlanta Falcons offense this year. The effects of these injuries will affect all the relevant fantasy players on the Falcons roster.  Julio Jones broke a screw in his feet and this injury is the headlining problem for the Falcons because Jones will most likely miss the rest of the season. Roddy White is still suffering through a sprained ankle and now he is having issues with his hamstring.  Steven Jackson has missed several games now, but he may be back on the field after the bye week. The loss of these three super stars has destroyed the Falcons mojo, and now that Jones will be out the rest of the season, the Falcons offense will not have the same explosive ability.

Matt Ryan’s fantasy value is lowered because he will be missing his top targets for some time, and Tony Gonzalez’s fantasy value is lowered because he will be double covered every play until White gets back. Once White and Jackson get back on the field at the same time, the Atlanta offense will regain some explosiveness, but if their record continues to tank, like it is now, will they still play with the same fire they had last year?  The Falcons’ offensive starters are decent buy-low candidates at the moment, and they may be able to rebound once they get healthy, despite the loss of Jones.


Trent Richardson – Richardson was a 1st round pick in the majority of fantasy leagues, and then the Browns traded him for a 1st round pick in real life.  The trade that sent Richardson from the Browns to the Colts shocked the entire Football World, but now that those shockwaves have subsided, one has to wonder if the Colts were hustled.  In 17 games as a Brown, Richardson averaged 3.5 yards per carry and he is averaging just 3.0 yards per carry in three games with the Colts.  The entire football world has expected a lot more from Richardson, and if he does not have a few breakout games very soon, than both his real life and fantasy values will continue on a downward spiral.


Michael Vick – The reason Vick’s fantasy value could never match his fantasy production was the injury risk that follows him.  And now, that risk has become a reality.  The saddest part of the Vick injury is that it happened on a non contact play.  Vick hurt himself, and that is troubling for even the most optimistic of fantasy owners.  Add Vick’s pulled hamstring injury to the fact he is only completing 54% of his passes, and there are definite reasons to lower his fantasy stock.  Vick will have to get healthy and prove that he is 100% before his value will begin to rise, but even then, fantasy owners will mostly be scared off by the constant injury risk.


Jared Cook – Cook may be the biggest fantasy hustler of the year.  There was a tremendous amount of offseason hype around Cook, and he followed up his super-hyped preseason by blasting onto the scene with 7 catches for 141 yards and 2 touchdowns in the Rams first game.  Since then Cook has had only 13 catches for 125 yards and no touchdowns. Cook’s value is dropping fast, and with the way Bradford is spreading the ball around, it is becoming harder and harder each week to believe Cook will eventually live up to the hype.


Texans Defense – The Texans defense was one of the first defensive units taken off the board in fantasy drafts this year, but they have not been able to live up to their draft positions.  In real life, the Texans are still a solid defensive unit as they are allowing a league low 260 yards per game.  However, the Texans have only forced 3 turnovers on the season, and that not only adds pressure to the entire team, but it also means the Texans Defense is not scoring fantasy points. The Texans will have to get more physical on defense and Schaub will have to stop throwing interceptions, or this teams fantasy value and Super Bowl aspirations will be flushed straight down the toilet.


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