Top 10 Worst Hitters In Major League Baseball

Top 10 Worst Hitters In Major League Baseball
2013-08-01 05:03:00 EDT

10. Josh Hamilton (Los Angeles Angels) .226 AVG, 16 Home Runs 50 RBI .283 OBP-Josh Hamilton was the big time signing of the offseason, but my god has that not turned out like the Angels thought it would. To say that Hamilton hasn’t been good this year is like saying Metta World Peace hasn’t been crazy this year. Hamilton was sinking fast toward the end of last season and this year, it looks like he just goes into the box and hacks at three curveballs in the dirt and sits down and considers it a job well done. There was a fear for Hamilton that the temptations of L.A. would get to his addictive personality, but he’s created a whole new addiction in the process. The addiction to sucking at baseball.

9. David Murphy (Texas Rangers) .221 AVG, 11 Home Runs,33 RBI, .277 OBP- When Josh Hamilton left to go to the Angels, Murphy immediately came to mind as a player who would likely benefit from the trade since he’d be relied on for more offense. Not so much. Murphy has usually floated around .270 for his career and this season he hasn’t even been close to that. Murphy doesn’t strikeout a whole lot, but he is seemingly incapable of getting a hit and weak grounders and lazy fly balls are his bread and butter. Murphy had his chance to cement himself as the player Texas saw him becoming after his solid 2012 season, but 2013 has been anything but solid so far for Murphy.

8. John Buck (New York Mets) .218 AVG, 14 Home Runs, 55 RBI, .283 OBP- With 9 home runs in the first month, Buck looked like he was ready to have himself the best season of his career. Unfortunately for him, that torrid start is now far in the past and he has been abysmal since. Maybe it was him knowing that Travis D’arneaud was waiting in the wings if he were to fail, but all of Buck’s power has left the building and if D’arneaud was healthy enough, he’d have taken his spot by now.

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7. J.P. Arencibia (Toronto Blue Jays) .218 AVG, 17 Home Runs, 44 RBI, .252 OBP- That on base percentage is enough to damn Arencibia, but when you check out the putrid average as well, it cements his status as one of the worst players in the league this year. Power numbers are great, but 17 home runs should not equate to only 44 RBI when someone is an everyday player like Arencibia is. There are few easier outs in the league than Arencibia, if it’s not a fast ball down the middle, he’s not hitting it.

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6. Jeff Keppinger (Chicago White Sox) .237 AVG, 2 Home Runs, 31 RBI, 264 OBP- Only the White Sox could acquire a guy like Keppinger coming off a great year and have him crumble into oblivion. Keppinger usually sports a good average, but this year all of his hitting ability has left him and apparently the rest of the White Sox team. Keppinger is another player that can’t hit or get on base to save his life.

5. Adeiny Hechavarria (Miami Marlins) .237, 2 Home Runs, 25 RBI, .274 OBP- It is hard to say who got the worst of the blockbuster Miami Marlins and Toronto Blue Jays trade. Was it Toronto who received a bunch of overrated pitchers and a steroid user? Or was it Miami, who got…well this guy? Hechavarria has been really bad this year and it’s not like this is some big time player who is having an off year. He’s a prospect who had a chance to develop around some good hitters on Toronto, but on Miami he is surrounded by little to no talent and this looks like a bust for the Marlins.

4. Mike Moustakas (Kansas City Royals)- .229 AVG,9 Home Runs, 25 RBI, .287 OBP- The Royals have a lot to be happy about this year, but one thing they can be disappointed in is the development of Moustakas. After hitting 20 home runs last season, he has just 9 this year and his RBI total is beyond pathetic for an ever day player relied on to be one of the Royals best run producers. Moustakas is a power hitter with no power this season and it would be one thing if he could get on base or maybe steal a bag or two, but he can’t do that either. This season should be a sobering experience for a player who looked to be on his way up.

3. Rickie Weeks (Milwaukee Brewers) .211 AVG, 10 Home Runs, 24 RBI, .311 OBP- Some players fall off faster than others, Rickie Weeks looks to be one of them. Weeks has declined severely the last two seasons and this season looks to be the worst of his career. Along with most of the other Brewer hitters, Weeks just doesn’t look focused at all and just tries to hit a home run every at bat. It’s strange because Weeks used to sport a respectable average to go along with his considerable power, but looks like he’s sacrificed both in favor of…well, nothing. Weeks is one of the many disappoint parts of the Brewers this season.

2. Darwin Barney (Chicago Cubs) .211 AVG, 6 Home Runs, 30 RBI, .261 OBP- Barney is the latest Cubs prospect to be a complete disappointment. No power, no speed, no run producing ability and no ability to drive in runs, so what makes Barney still an every day player? There isn’t really an answer and the Cubs need to give up on Barney and consider him a lost cause. Barney is easily one of the worst talents in baseball this season and there isn’t much to argue, the numbers don’t lie.

1. Dan Uggla (Atlanta Braves)- .199 AVG, 21 Home Runs, 51 RBI, .315 OBP- I don’t really understand Dan Uggla. Sure he’s got the power numbers that would suggest he’s one of the better home run hitters in the league, but how the hell does the player who once mounted a hitting streak that made people think he could possibly break Joe DiMaggio’s historic mark find himself hitting .199? This is the type of player who just goes up to the plate and swings as hard as he can with his eyes closed and if the pitcher is dumb enough, he’ll thitem Uggla a strike and it will usually leave the park. When you are talking about good hitters though, you think about selectiveness at the plate, pitch recognition, situational hitting and taking what the pitcher gives you. Uggla doesn’t do any the of the aforementioned things and that is why to me, he is the worst hitter in baseball this season.

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