MLB Power Rankings For The Week of August 11, 2013

MLB Power Rankings For The Week of August 11, 2013
2013-08-11 09:44:00 EDT

30. Houston Astros (37-79)- The Astros have really been an abysmal excuse for a baseball team this season. They make the Marlins look like the 1998 New York Yankees.

29. Miami Marlins (44-72)- There is a vague sense of fight in this team lately and that’s good for a franchise just grabbing at anything resembling hope for the future.

28. Chicago White Sox(44-72)- The White Sox snapped their 10 game losing streak by sweeping the New York Yankees, but after losing Alex Rios to the Texas Rangers, they have no real chance of turning around their atrocious season.

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27. Milwaukee Brewers (51-67)- The Brewers are playing decently as of late, but without Ryan Braun, they just don’t have enough offense to save their terrible season.

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26. San Francisco Giants (52-65)- This season is a disgrace for the defending World Series Champions and it’s pretty much proof that the title they won was a product of a hot team at the right time and far from the best team in baseball.

25. Philadelphia Phillies (52-45)– I really thought the Phillies had a shot at the division after the All Star break, but bad hitting with mediocre pitching has damned this team to the doldrums of baseball.

24. San Diego Padres (53-64)- The Padres are just about dead in the NL West, but at least Ian Kennedy is showing some serious determination to get his career back on track as he’s been great for the team so far.

23. Chicago Cubs (52-65)- The Cubs have fought hard this season, but without the power of Alfonso Soriano in their offense anymore, there just isn’t any bat to support the pitching staff. Anthony Rizzo looks like the real deal though.

22. Los Angeles Angels (53-63)- The Angels may not be going to the playoffs this season, but at least they have found yet another good young outfield in J.B. Shuck who continues to play well. Jered Weaver is still one of the best pitchers in baseball.

21. Minnesota Twins (52-63)- The Twins have been playing great as of late behind the strong pitching of Samuel Deduno, but it’s too little too late for Minnesota.

20. Seattle Mariners (54-63)- The Mariners strong play has dissipated as has Raul Ibanez’s power surge. Felix Hernandez continues to dominate though, showing the Mariners he is worth every penny of his contract.

19. Toronto Blue Jays (54-63)- The Blue Jays just can’t pitch their way to any kind of success right now and despite having a strong offense, this team just won’t win with the horrid hurlers on the mound.

18. New York Mets (54-61)- The Mets are playing well of late coming off a three game sweep of the Colorado Rockies earlier in the week. Zack Wheeler is rounding into form and the Mets have a dynamic duo at the top of their rotation for years to come.

17. Colorado Rockies (55-64)- The Rockies are goners in the NL West after the Mets swept them this week. Seems like Troy Tulowitzki’s return had an impact in fan service only, it’s not enough to get this team to the playoffs.

16. Washington Nationals (57-60)- The Nationals are hands down the most underachieving team in baseball. How could a team basically penciled into the World Series before the season began be this piss poor on the field? The only positive of this season is that Gio Gonzalez didn’t get suspended for PED’s.

15. Arizona Diamonbacks (59-57)- The Diamondbacks seem to be bowing out of the NL West race now as Ian Kennedy is pitching great for the Padres and Cody Ross is out for the season after a gruesome injury Sunday.

14. New York Yankees (59-57)- The return of Alex Rodriguez has not been enough for the Yankees to really make any ground in the wild card race. Even though Mariano Rivera blew three straight saves, a big series win against the Tigers this weekend could be the spark to get the team back on the winning track. Ivan Nova has been the team’s best pitcher lately and that’s saying a lot with Hiroki Kuroda on the team.

13. Kansas City Royals (61-54)- The Royals are smelling the fumes of playoff baseball right now and it seems to have rocketed this team right into the thick in the wild card race. James Shields is pitching lights out lately.

12. Cleveland Indians (63-55)- The Indians have been dreadful in their last 10 games and it’s a shock because before that, they were on an absolute tear. The Detroit Tigers are not going to fork over the division like they planned.

11. Baltimore Orioles (65-52)- The Orioles are playing some great baseball right now, it just doesn’t seem like they have enough pitching to overcome the Rays and Red Sox in the division without Chris Davis hitting home runs like he was.

10. Cincinnati Reds (65-52)– The Reds need Joey Votto to start driving in some runs if they want to overcome the Cardinals and Pirates for the NL Central citemn. It looked like they were dead in water, but some great play of late has shot them right back into the race.

9. Tampa Bay Rays (66-49)- Will Myers has been the team’s best player over the last month, but unless Jeremy Hellickson straightens himself out, the Rays won’t be able to win the division.

8. Oakland Athletics (66-50)- The A’s looked like they were ready to run away with the division and then the Texas Rangers came into town and smacked them around and since then, the teams have traveled in the complete opposite directions. The A’s don’t have the offense to support their record, could it have been fool’s gold?

7. St. Louis Cardinals (67-50)- The Cardinals have suddenly showed some vulnerability as their dominant play has tapered off because of injuries and they are now out of first place once again. The return of Yadier Molina should be enough to get them back in the division lead though.

6. Los Angeles Dodgers (67-50)- Is there a better team than the Dodgers in Baseball right now? If there is, I don’t know who it is because the Dodgers have been absolutely scorching as of late. Clayton Kershaw is on his way to one of the most dominant seasons in MLB history and Yasiel Puig is back on fire and the NL West is as good as theirs.

5. Texas Rangers (68-50)- The Rangers looked ready to die out, but since they swept the Angels, they have been absolutely on fire and losing Nelson Cruz hasn’t affected them one bit. Alex Rios should be able to help fill the power gap left by Cruz.

4. Detroit Tigers (69-47)– Even though the Tigers lost the series this weekend to the Yankees, they were able to hit two game tying home runs against Mariano Rivera in the 3 games. Miguel Cabrera took the best closer in baseball deep twice and is just inhuman at this point. The pitching of Justin Verlander still remains an issue, although the Indians struggles of late have given the Tigers plenty of leeway.

3. Pittsburgh Pirates (70-47)- The Pirates look locked and loaded for a serious playoff run right now as A.J. Burnett has been unhittable and the offense is finally starting to support the pitching.

2. Boston Red Sox (71-49)- That amazing pitching is now disappearing for the Red Sox who are just begging for Clay Bucholtz to come back and fast. Stephen Drew has been great since they traded Iglesias though and Will Middlebrooks had a triumphant return on Saturday.

1. Atlanta Braves (72-46)- The Braves have been on fire as of late and it’s all came in the midst of injuries left and right. Chris Johnson seems to be the best player nobody is talking about this season as he is batting .336. The return of Brandon Beachy has been a welcome addition to an already strong pitching staff. Mike Minor and Julio Teheran have been incredible pitchers this year.

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