What’s The Most Caught Steals In a Single Season In MLB History?

2020-03-30 15:15:00 EDT

In the history of baseball, there have been 18 seasons a player has been caught stealing at least 30 times. A lot of these seasons feature some of the top base stealers in the history of the sport and most of it has to do with the amount of times they attempt to steal a base. The more base stealing attempts, the more you’re going to steal but also get caught. 

Here are the players who have been caught stealing the most in a single season in MLB history.

1. Rickey Henderson, 42, 1982 – This is the same season Rickey Henderson broke the real record for stolen bases with 130, a record that’s probably not going to be broken. Henderson’s successful stolen base percentage this season was 75.5 percent. 

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2. Ty Cobb, 38, 1915 – Ty Cobb played many seasons without his caught stealing numbers being tracked, but his 38 caught steals also came when he set his career high with 96 stolen bases. Cobb led the league in caught steals three times in his career.

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3. George Burns, 35, 1913 – George Burns was a subpar base stealer if going off today’s metrics, and this season he stole 40 bases but was caught 35 times. A 53.3 percent success rate isn’t all that great. 

4. Ty Cobb, 34, 1912 – In the 13 seasons Ty Cobb played with his caught stealing numbers being counted, he was caught 24 or more times in three different seasons. This was one of Cobb’s least productive seasons, as he was caught 34 times while stealing 61 bases, the sixth best of his career. 

5. Lou Brock, 33, 1974 – Lou Brock consistently led the league in stolen bases and caught stealing, and this season came when he had 118 successful stolen bases, which at the time was a baseball record. Harry Lord, 33, 1912 – Harry Lord has only two seasons where his caught stealing numbers were counted, and this year he was caught more than the 30 stolen bases that were successful. 

5. Omar Moreno, 33, 1980 – Omar Moreno led the league in caught steals three straight seasons from 1980 to 1982, producing 73 caught steals during that span. However, this season Moreno set a career high with 96 stolen bases.

7. Doc Cook, 32, 1914 – Doc Cook played four seasons, all with the New York Yankees, and he had 56 stolen bases and 50 caught steals. Cook stole just 26 bases this season, so it’s fair to say this wasn’t a year he was very productive on the bases.

7. Eddie Murphy, 32, 1914 – Eddie Murphy had 36 stolen bases and was caught 32 times this season, making for a real hit or miss season on the base paths. Murphy was caught stealing 47 times from 1914 to 1915.

7. Burt Shotton, 32, 1915 – From 1914 to 1916, Burt Shotton produced 124 stolen bases and 89 caught steals, so he was quite aggressive and a real mixed bag in terms of his success rate. 

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