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Which NBA Player Played the Most Career Playoff Games?

The Top Ten Players in the NBA With the Most Career Playoff Games
2020-06-10 12:00:00 EDT

Which NBA Player Played the Most Career Playoff Games?

The first goal in the NBA is to win the NBA Championship, so usually a player who plays in a lot of playoff games finds a lot of success. Let’s look at the ten NBA players who have played the most career playoff games. Get NBA Picks and NBA Predictions for EVERY GAME at Sports Chat Place.

10.Scottie Pippen -208 Games

Scottie Pippen was a part of the Bulls during their glory days, winning six NBA Championships. Pippen is often overlooked, but in terms of championships, he is one of the more important players in NBA history. 

9.Shaquille O’Neal -216 Games

Shaquille O’Neal is mostly known for his time with the Lakers, but people seem to forget his other steps, especially his success with the Miami Heat.

8.Manu Ginobili -218 Games

Manu Ginobili played all 16 seasons with the San Antonio Spurs. He was a seven-time All-Star and four time NBA Championship. 

7.Kobe Bryant -220 Games

The late Kobe Bryant spent his entire career with the Los Angeles Lakers and is one of the most popular players in NBA history. He played in 220 games in the playoffs. 

6.Tony Parker -226 Games

Tony Parker played 17 of his 18 years of his career with the Spurs. He left the last season to play with the Charlotte Hornets, but he iddn’t play in any playoff games with them.

5.Kareem Abdul-Jabbar -237 Games

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar played 20 different seasons in the NBA, and he had a lot of success playing in 237 games. 

4.LeBron James -239 Games

LeBron James is the only current player on this list, and as long as he doesn’t hang them up in the next few years there is no reason he won’t end his career number one on the list. 

3.Robert Horry -244 Games

Robert Horry was all about playing in playoff games. For most of his career, Horry played with the Lakers and Spurs, two teams who had all kinds of success in the late 90’s and 2000s. 

2.Tim Duncan -251 Games

Tim Duncan led the Spurs to five NBA Championships and during his career with the Spurs he played in 251 games. 

1.Derek Fisher -259 Games

The number one player on this list is a little surprising. Most probably think someone like Kobe or Duncan would be number one but it’s actually Derek Fisher. Fisher played 18 seasons in the NBA appearing in 259 playoff games.

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