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Which NBA Player Scored The Most Points Per Game During Their Career?

Which NBA Player scored the most points per game during their career?
2020-06-10 12:00:00 EDT

There have been some elite scorers throughout NBA history, and most players on this list were superstars during their time. Let’s look at the NBA players who have scored the most points per game during their careers.

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10. George Gervin – 25.09 Points

George Gervin spent his entire NBA career outside the last season with the Chicago Bulls. Gervin’s best season was in 1979-80 when he put up 33.1 points. Even his last year in the league he was still averaging 16.2 points.

9. Oscar Roberston – 25.68 Points

Oscar Robertson spent 10 of his seasons in the NBA with the Cincinnati Royals. Robertson’s best season was in 1963-64 when he put up 31.4 points. The Royals finished that season with a 55-25 record.

8. Bob Pettit – 26.36 Points

One player who is often forgotten about is Bob Pettit who was in the league from 1954-1965. Pettit’s worst season was as a rookie when he only averaged 20.4 points per game.

7. Allen Iverson – 26.66 Points

Allen Iverson’s points per game really dropped off towards the end of his career, but he still finished averaging 26.66 points per game.

6. Kevin Durant – 27.02 Points

There are only two current players on the list, with Kevin Durant being the first one. If he can stay healthy and continue to be a focal point of the offense, there is no reason he can’t move up a few spots on this list before he retires.

5. Jerry West – 27.03 Points

Jerry West was a 14-time All-star during his career averaging 27.03 points per game. West’s best season came in 1969-70 when he averaged 31.2 points per game.

4. LeBron James – 27.10 Points

The second active player on this list is LeBron James. Each of the last two seasons, James has averaged at least 27 points per game.

3. Elgin Baylor – 27.36 Points

Elgin Baylor spent most of his career with the Los Angeles Lakers with his best season coming in 1961-62 when he averaged 38.3 points.

2. Wilt Chamberlain – 30.07 Points

It’s honestly a little bit shocking that Wilt Chamberlain isn’t number one the list, but his last couple of years really hurt his points per game. This is a player who averaged 50.4 points during the 1961 season. 

1. Michael Jordan – 30.12 Points

Michael Jordan comes into the list at number one averaging 30.12 points per game. For seven years in a item, Jordan averaged at least 30 points each year. Even at the age of 39. Jordan was still averaging 20 points per game. 

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