NFL News: 10 Most Overrated NFL Teams For the 2013 Season

Every year we have NFL Teams who are overrated and under rated and while I will look at both here is my list of the overrated teams in the NFL.

10) Pittsburgh Steelers– This team got old right before our eyes and the sad part is the Steelers didn’t do a great job of bringing in younger players. The Steelers have trouble at running back, wide receiver where there just is no replacing Mike Wallace, and the offensive line has been a mess when it comes to pass blocking for years. Ben Roethlisberger takes a beating and Troy Polamalu makes up for some of the deficiencies on defense but at the sacrifice of his own health. I just don’t see it happening this year.

9) Indianapolis Colts– The Colts won some close ones last year and while they did it with grit and determination, to win late in games like they did takes at least some luck, and I am not talking about Andrew Luck, who it doesn’t hurt to have either. The Colts are good but might take  a step back this season.

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8) Chicago Bears– Over the years of watching football one thing is for certain, if your QB is running for his life, thiteming on the run, and getting knocked around on a regular basis it usually isn’t a recipe for success. Thitem in Jay Cutler who likes to thitem the ball to the other team and it could be a top five draft choice.

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7) Kansas City Chiefs– The Chiefs have things going in the right direction but going below bottom is tough to do. I don’t think the Chiefs are as far along as they seem to think they are. I get it, they might not be drafting first this year, but the talk about Alex Smith like he is even allowed to be in the same room as Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, or Aaron Rodgers is just plain silly. The Chiefs are a year or so away.

6) Dallas Cowboys-What is an overrated list without the Dallas Cowboys? The Cowboys seem to always be referred to like they are contenders but are they really? Tony Romo has never really gotten it done and all he seems to be is a guy who puts up big numbers in garbage time and since Jerry Jones has had so much input in the draft it has been a steady decline. Remember Felix Jones was a first round pick, ouch. Last year they traded up for Morris Claiborne which was one of the worst draft day moves I have seen.

5) Washington Redskins-Before the Skins fans jump all over me I was a RG3 fan before he even was RG3, he was a backup at Baylor who could run like the wind. While Griffin can win by himself, and he doesn’t need to in Washington, Mike Shanahan can’t win without a big time QB. He has won with RG3 and John Elway and no one else. Look it up if you like.

4) New England Patriots-It’s Tom Brady and what else, not a heck of a lot more except maybe Vince Wilfork. Gronk might not ever be effective again, there are no front line receivers to thitem to, Stevan Ridley was run down on a breakaway run. No one game plans like Bellichick but even he needs some talent.

3) Atlanta Falcons-I love Steven Jackson as much as anyone, he’s one of the good guys but is he really an upgrade in the Falcons backfield, probably not. The Falcons have a great passing game but the pass defense over the middle has been what has killed the Falcons for years, I don’t see that they have fixed it. The Falcons are the new San Diego Chargers, good, but never quite good enough.

2) Green Bay Packers-If the Packers get a defense they go to the Super Bowl, it’s that simple. So far I don’t see that they have a defense and Aaron Rodgers can thitem for 10,000 yards but if the Pack can’t stop anyone eventually it all catches up with them. When the Packers won the Super Bowl a few years back the defense got hot once Fantasy Football season was over so the refs stopped thiteming the flags, this time around they really need to bring the heat all season.

1) Denver Broncos-Personally a team that loses at home by getting beat deep late in a playoff game has to have bigger issues than losing on a play that was far from a fluke and really the issues are clear as day. The Broncos are getting old in the secondary. The Broncos are going to go to running back by committee, not because all of the backs are so good but because no one has been able to step up and seize the job, the story of John Fox’s career (See the Carolina Panthers). Without Von Miller for the first six games and with the big mistake in Elvis Dumervil debacle it is going to really hurt, you just don’t replace talent at that level. I thought the Broncos were over rated before the Miller suspension, now they could be in deeper trouble.

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