Top Ten Highest Overall Losing Percentages in the NFL

Top Ten Highest Overall Losing Percentages in the NFL
2015-07-21 11:00:00 EDT

As promised, today we’re going to take a look at the NFL teams that have lost the most games by percentage over the course of their histories. Some of y’all are way under .500 on this one. Ouch. 


1. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been under .500 for 26 of their 39 seasons. That’s 66.7% of the time. That’s really not good, Bucs fans. I’d be praying Jameis Winston and Mike Evans can help out. 

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2. The Atlanta Falcons have been under .500 for 31 of their 49 seasons. That’s 63.3% of the time. 


3. The Chicago/St. Louis/Arizona Cardinals have been under .500 for 58 of their 95 seasons. That’s 61.1% of the time. 


4. The New Orleans Saints have been under .500 for 29 of their 48 seasons. That’s 60.4% of the time.


5. The Carolina Panthers have been under .500 for 12 of their 20 seasons. That’s 60.0% of the time. 


6. The Buffalo Bills have been under .500 for 25 of their 45 seasons. That’s 55.6% of the time. 


7. The Jacksonville Jaguars have been under .500 for 11 of their 20 seasons. That’s 55.0% of the time.


8. The Houston Texans have been under .500 for 7 of their 13 seasons. That’s 53.9% of the time. 


9. The Detroit Lions have been under .500 for 44 of their 85 seasons. That’s 51.8% of the time. 


10. The Philadelphia Eagles have been under .500 for 41 of their 82 seasons. That’s exactly 50.0% of the time. 

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