What's The Most Goalie Losses In A Single NHL Season?

What's The Most Goalie Losses In A Single NHL Season? Photo by Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Goalies With The Most Losses In NHL History

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There have been some horrible seasons from goalies throughout NHL history and it seems like whenever they took the ice it resulted in a loss. However, like baseball, not every loss is the goalies fault, as sometimes his defense didn’t protect him or the offense couldn’t give him support. Still, if a goalie made this list, it was jut a horrible season from him no matter how you slice it. Get NHL Predictions and NHL Picks at Sports Chat Place. 

Here are the most goalie losses in single season NHL history. 

1. Gary Smith, 48 losses, 1970-71 - This was part of a two-year stretch where Gary Smith led the league in losses, goals allowed, shots against and saves. Through these two years, Smith allowed 451 goals in 136 games, resulting in a 3.5 goals against average. If only there was a goalie this bad in todays game, as you could make a mountain of cash with the constant fades.

2. Al Rollins, 47 losses, 1953-54 - Al Rollins had 47 losses because he led the league with 212 goals allowed in 66 games, producing a 3.21 goals against average. The Chicago Black Hawks finished 12-51-7 this season, which is their most losses in franchise history.

3. Peter Sidorkiewicz, 46 losses, 1992-93 - Peter Sidorkiewicz had an 8-46-3 record with the Ottawa Senators this season, as he allowed 250 goals and had a 4.43 goals against average. The 70 losses the Senators had this season overall is the most in franchise history. Sidorkiewicz played just four games after this season. 

4. Harry Lumley, 44 losses, 1951-52 - This was part of a three-year stretch where Harry Lumley led the league in losses. This season, Lumley allowed 237 goals in 70 games, producing a 3.40 goals against average.

5. Mike Smith, 42 losses, 2014-15 - Mike Smith has been a decent goalie throughout his career, but he jut couldn’t catch a break this season with the Arizona Coyotes, allowing 187 goals in 62 games and producing a career-worst 3.16 goals against average. This season had more to do with the Coyotes lack of offense more than anything. 

6. Harry Lumley, 41 losses, 1950-51 - As I mentioned before, Harry Lumley led the league in losses three straight seasons. During this span, Lumley allowed 646 goals in 204 games, which resulted in a 56-115 record.

6. Craig Billington, 41 losses, 1993-94 - Craig Billington played 63 games for the Ottawa Senators this season, allowing 254 goals and a 4.59 goals against average. Billington never again held a full-time starting role, and he finished his career with a 87.7 save percentage.

6. Marc Denis, 41 losses, 2002-03 - Marc Denis led the league this season in games played, losses, goals against, shots against, saves and minutes played. Denis had a goals against average of 3.09 this season and came away with 2,172 saves, so maybe this had more to do with the Columbus Blue Jackets defense more than the veteran goalie.

9. Eddie Johnston, 40 losses, 1963-64 - This was Eddie Johnston’s second year in the league, and the Boston Bruins played him in 70 games and 4,200 minutes. Johnston had a goals against average of 3.01 and he came away with 2,243 saves, but the Bruins 170 goals scored was the worst in the league. 

10. Ken McAuley, 39 losses, 1943-44 - Ken McAuley only played two years in the league and allowed a combined 537 goals in 96 games, which produced a goals against average of 5.61. McAuley was 17-64-15 in his two years with the New York Rangers.

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