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Boxing Rankings: Top Ten Pound For Pound May 2014

While the Pound for Pound list is always hotly debated, with many near the top of the list in action fairly recently, here s where I rank the top boxers in the world for May 2014:

1)     Floyd Mayweather Jr.- We can debate the quality of his overall opponents and who and when he fights, but we can’t dispute that he has beaten every fighter put in front of him. While I wouldn’t put Marcos Maidana as a top of the heap contender, we saw a different Mayweather in their recent tilt, one that could take a punch. While Floyd isn’t getting any younger, his accuracy is just razor sharp and a difference maker.

2)     Manny Pacquiao- While some saw it as a two fight losing streak when Pacquiao lost the Timothy Bradley and then was knocked out by Juan Manuel Marquez, the reality of it is he beat Bradley the first time just as decisively as he did in the rematch. Against Marquez he was ahead on all of the judges cards and just got sloppy looking to end it. At the end of the day, a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight still shapes up to be a great matchup with the Pac-Man having a legitimate shot at winning.

3)     Andre Ward-Ward was busy most of his career but he hasn’t been busy of late not fighting since November of 2013 with his only fight in 2012 being in September so this is the least we have ever seen of Andre Ward. It isn’t that Ward doesn’t want to fight, what has happened is Ward has found himself in a spot where many boxing champions fall, a promotional mess. Until we see Ward fix his out of the ring problems. I am just not sure what and how much of him we will see in the ring.

4)     Wladimir Klitschko-It is tough to even put a handle on what Klitschko has accomplished I his career as he just doesn’t seem to get a lot of credit nor the publicity of many of the other fighters out there despite being the king of boxing’s most historically recognized division. Klitschko is the second longest reigning Heavyweight Champion in history with the third most title defenses. Wladimir’s biggest problem is he has been so far above is competitors he hasn’t really been challenged.

5)     Gennady Golovkin-Golovkin has never been down and he has the highest knockout rate of any middleweight in history at over 89% and he has the highest knockout ratio of any current world champion. Golovkin fight Julio Cesar Chavez next and he could climb another rung closer to the top of the list.

6)     Guillermo Rigondeaux-Freddie Roach called Rigondeaux the greatest talent he has ever seen and that says a lot from the guy who has been in the corner and across the ring from some of the all time greats. While Rigondeaux has just 13 professional fights, he has those 475 amateur fights which he lost just 12 with the most recent being in 2003.

7)     Mikey Garcia-Garcia is one of the most patient fighters in the game and once he figures his opponent out, it can be painful to watch just how one sided his fights get. Garcia is 34-0 and while he was stripped of his Featherweight title, he won the Super Featherweight title after being knocked down in the second round and then knocking out Rocky Martinez with a vicious left to the body.

8)     Danny Garcia-Garcia’s last fight was a controversial win with one of those judges scorecards that makes some people never want to watch boxing again but what Garcia has accomplished in the ring isn’t really up for debate. Garcia has been a big underdog in several of his wins, even with the belt he was 7-1 when he beat Amir Khan and he was 2-1 when he beat Lucas Matthysse on the Alvarez-Mayweather undercard.

9)     Sergio Martinez- I may have Martinez a little low but he will have his chance to move up on June 7 when he fights Miguel Cotto at Madison Square Garden. Martinez last lost in 2009 to Paul Williams, a loss he avenged.

10)  Sergey Kovalev-There are so many fighters who can fit in this 10th spot with names like Canelo Alvarez, Carl Froch, and Leo Santa Cruz not on the list but right here and right now, Sergey Kovalev seems to have a lot of potential to move higher on the list in a hurry. The bout here is Kovalev-Ward but will we ever see it?

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