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SpaceStation Gaming vs. Orgless 1/21/19: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Invitational Qualifier

SpaceStation gaming faces off with Orgless on Monday in the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Invitational Qualifier.

SpaceStation Gaming is a team well known in the Rainbow 6 community with a 4th place finish in the United States Nationals back in December of 2018, a 4th place finish at DreamHack Winter 2018, and a 4th place finish in Pro League Season 8.  SpaceStation Gaming has found a way to stay relevant and be a team that will always be competitive.  SpaceStation Gaming now sits in 7th out of 8th place with a total of 2 points in three matches played.  Their W-D-L record is 0-2-1.  In their 1st matchup they got the short end of the stick playing Evil Genuises which many people say are the best North American team and their record shows it.  SpaceStation Gaming lost map Villa 3-7 against Evil Genuises.

SpaceStation's next two matchups are what will show that they are still competitive.  SpaceStation Gaming tied both Team Reciprocity and DarkZero Esports 6-6 respectively.  Both Team Reciprocity and DarkZero Esports are right behind Evil Genuises in the standings with 7 points each to Evil Genuises 9 points.  

Orgless is one of the newer teams in the North American Pro scene and they sit it in 5th place with a W-D-L of 1-0-2.  Orgless's one win comes over Rise Nation which has yet to win a game 

in the qualifying rounds.  Orgless then lost against Rogue and Excelerate Gaming who post the same record as Orgless along with the same point total of 3.  Orgless lost to Rogue 2-7 while losing to Excelerate Gaming 3-7. Orgless has been to say the least not very impressive in the qualifying rounds.  

In this matchup I am taking the more experienced and skilled team with SpaceStation Gaming -119.

SpaceStation Gaming -119
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