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Fantasy Football News and Updates: 2013 NFL Week 2 Notes, Observations, and Review

Week 2: What we learned

If the season continues down the same trends we have seen in the first two weeks, then the entire fantasy football world will be spun upside down, and one of the NFL's greatest franchises is in for their longest season ever.

1. Running Backs are the Achilles' Heal of Fantasy Football Teams - Since so much emphasis was placed on running backs in drafts this year, it makes sense that they are the most vulnerable position on fantasy football rosters. But a first round investment is not nearly the only reason that running backs will make or break fantasy teams this year. Perhaps the most shocking statistic is that after two games only 3 running backs rank as top 10 scoring flex options (depending on scoring settings). The other 7 players consist of 6 wide receivers and a tight end. The NFL has become a passing league and with so many running back committees, its no wonder running back has become the most vulnerable position on a fantasy roster.

There is another factor that has aided in the decline of the running back's ability to carry a fantasy football team, and that factor is the injury bug. The season is only two weeks old, and already 10 out of 32 number one rushers have missed at least some game time due to injury. (Jamaal Charles, Steven Jackson, Eddie lacy, Reggie Bush, Ray Rice, LeVeon Bell, MJD, Shane Vereen, and Ahmad Bradshaw) Injuries are unpredictable, and when added to the new generation of NFL aerial offenses, the years of fantasy football being dominated by running backs may be coming to an end.

2. The Steelers are on the Verge of Fantasy Irrelevance - Pittsburgh is struggling in ways very few Steelers' fans have ever seen. Despite being known for having weak offensive lines, the Steelers' have always been able to manage a respectable running game. Well that trend has changed this year, as Pittsburgh has only gained 75 total rushing yards on the year. Right now no Steelers' running backs are worth playing in fantasy football, and there is no reason to believe things will change once LeVeon Bell returns. The Steelers' entire offense has looked weak and out of sync. The Steelers are a very proud team, but its gonna take more than pride for them to turn their season around.

3. Matt Ryan Loves Throwing to Julio Jones - Just when you thought it was safe to play Harry Douglas for at least one game, Julio Jones goes off and dominates like he is the only receiver on the Falcons' roster. Matt Ryan and Julio Jones have developed a very strong rapport, and if free agency does not get in the way, they may become the greatest QB/WR tandem in NFL history.

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