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Fantasy Football News and Updates: 2013 NFL Week 3: Players to Watch

Players to Watch

1. Trent Richardson - This one was pretty easy to determine as it came from the biggest midseason NFL trade in recent history.  The Colts' coach, Chuck Pagano, said they did not bring Richardson in to be the waterboy, and he should see a good bit of action on the field Sunday against the 49ers.  Its a tough matchup for Richardson, and the Colts desperately need a win.  The 49ers were just embarrassed by the Seahawks and it's hard to imagine they won't take that frustration out on the Colts.  It's going to be an intense matchup this weekend for Richardson and the Fantasy Football World will be watching to see how well he fits into the Colts' offense.

2. David Wilson - Wilson is still one of the most intriguing fantasy players to keep an eye on.  Right now his value is super low, and fantasy footballers are torn on what to do about Wilson's super low value.  Is it time to make a deal and try to acquire him on the cheap, or is he set to be this year's biggest bust?  Its very difficult to find the answers to these questions because the Giants themselves don't even know.  If Wilson can regain his confidence, he could be the biggest midseason bargain in all of fantasy football, and that is why fantasy owners will continue to monitor his progress.

3. Patriots Wide Receivers - The Patriots' wide receivers did everything they could to embarrass Tom brady last week, but like a true Champion, Brady still led the Patriots to a 2-0 start.  Things will be even tougher this week for the Patriots' wide receivers as they go up against a very strong Tampa Bay secondary.  Can any of New England's wide receivers get open while being covered by Revis?  And perhaps the more important question, will the threat of being hit by Dashon Goldson cause the Patriots to drop even more balls than last week?  Tom Brady can't be a fantasy superstar if his receivers don't catch the ball and that is why fantasy owners will be watching to see how Brady's wide receivers play against the Buccaneers.

4. Martellus Bennett - Has Jay Cutler finally learned how to throw to someone who is not named Brandon Marshall? After 2 weeks, Bennett is looking like the #2 target Jay Cutler has searched for his whole career.  If the rapport between Bennett and Cutler continues to evolve, Bennett could easily finish the year as a top 5 tight end.  Right now fantasy owners are still hesitant to trust anybody catching passes from Jay Cutler that is not named Marshall, but a few more solid games and Bennett will be a must start for the rest of the season.

5. Antonio Brown - Winning is supposed to fix all the problems on NFL teams, and therefore, losing must make all problems worse, right?  This appears to be the case in Pittsburgh as Antonio Brown thinks he needs to get the ball more.  Brown was very upset during the Steelers' game on Monday night and he was seen fighting with the Steelers' offensive coordinator, Todd Haley.   Haley does not have a reputation for being a "nice guy," and Pittsburgh's offense has been utterly terrible.  Pittsburgh's offense has been under tons of stress to start the season, and they need somebody to step up and start making plays.  Fantasy Owners who drafted Brown as a starting WR will need to watch and see how this scenario plays out.


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