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Fantasy Football News and Updates: 2013 NFL Week 3, Sleeper Starts

Gutsy Gameday Starts

Sometimes fantasy owners get stuck and need to dig a bit deeper to find good matchups for their fantasy teams.  Here are some options of players that could raise their fantasy stock this week.



Andy Dalton vs Packers - Dalton is not considered a #1 fantasy quarterback, and if you watched the Bengals Monday night game against the Steelers, you can understand why he is not.  Dalton missed several open receivers in the game against Pittsburgh.  Dalton's shaky performance may have been due to nerves from playing in a Monday night game, but that is not an acceptable excuse for fantasy footballers and NFL fans.  Dalton has a chance to redeem himself this week because he is going up against a Green Bay secondary that has allowed two 300+ yard passers in their only two games of the season.  Dalton needs to follow in the footsteps of his fellow young quarterbacks, Kaepernick and RGIII, and throw for over 300 yards this week.  Dalton has the weapons to win a shootout, but he needs to calm his nerves and steady his hand in order to make that happen.


Running Back

Jason Snelling at Miami - Jacquizz Rodgers is listed as the 2nd running back on the Falcons depth chart, and has been considered the best handcuff to starter, Steven Jackson.  Well now that Jackson is out for 2-4 weeks, some fantasy owners are beginning to believe Snelling is a better fantasy option than Rodgers.  Snelling played well last week when Jackson went down and this followed suite with his history of coming in and playing well when Michael Turner went down over the past few seasons.  Rodgers has a role in the Falcons' offense, but that role is not necessarily one that will allow him to replace Jackson in the Atlanta offense.  Snelling is a sneaky play this weekend that could pay off in a nice way.


Wide Receiver

Nate Burleson at Washington - Burleson goes up against a Redskins defense that could not stop the Golden Girls from scoring.  Burleson is the number two wide receiver for the Lions, and unless the Redskins find their defensive soul, he should have a very solid game this week.  All three of the Packers wide receivers had great games last week, and Matthew Stafford is more than capable of carving up the Redskins in a similar fashion.


Tight End

Tyler Eifert vs Packers - Eifert's fantasy value is directly related to Andy Dalton's throwing ability.  If Dalton had been a more accurate passer last week, Eifert would have had a very nice stat line.  The biggest knock on Eifert's fantasy stock is his teammate, Jermaine Gresham.  Neither Eifert nor Gresham have caught a touchdown this season, but that should change this weekend.  The Packers have allowed tight ends to score touchdowns in each of their first two games, and call it a hunch, but Eifert will get one this weekend against Green Bay.



Titans Defense vs Chargers - There are several defenses in the league that could emerge as very good fantasy plays, and the Titans are near the top of that list.  They looked great against the Steelers to start the season, but we now know the Steelers offense is going to be very bad this year.  The Titans also played well against the Texans, but Matt Schaub was able to move the ball late in the game.  Fantasy owners and Titans' fans are skeptical of how good this defense could be, and that is why they are a risky play this week.  Fantasy owners must consider a few things before writing the Titans off this week.  Sunday will be the Titans home opener and Phillip Rivers is more than capable of throwing several interceptions.  If you're stuck for a defense or feel like taking a risk with major upside, roll the dice on the Titans defense.  And if they don't play well this week, you will have them for next week when the Jets travel to Nashville.


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