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Fantasy Football News and Updates - Colts and Browns Trent Richardson Trade Review

Colts/Browns Trent Richardson Trade

The NFL world stopped spinning for a day when the Colts announced they acquired Trent Richardson for a first round draft pick.  It was an unpredictable and unexpected move by both teams, especially since Ahmad bradshaw was coming off a solid game for the Colts.  Now that a few days have past and all that emotional energy has been exhausted, the fog has lifted and the implications of this trade can be deciphered.

What is the overall lesson learned from this trade?  When one takes a giant step back in order to see the whole forest and not just a few trees, the biggest assumption that can be drawn from this trade is that running backs are losing their spot on the NFL pecking order.  Without saying it word for word, the Browns made this move because they realized a running back cannot carry a team to the Super Bowl (see AP, CJ, and MJD) and so they traded away a top RB for only the chance of getting their favorite new rookie quarterback.  This trade shows the NFL is, without a shadow of a doubt, a passing league and running backs are losing their mojo.

The only real negative that could emerge from this deal for Indianapolis is if they don't win.  If the Colts lose their next few games, how will the media treat this trade and Trent Richardson.  The Colts have a tough schedule coming up, and 3 of their next 5 games are against major Super Bowl contenders (49ers, Seahawks, Broncos).  They have the Jaguars and Chargers during that stretch as well.  There is a chance the Colts go into their bye with a 2-5 record, and if that happened, could the team handle and overcome the pressure put on them by the media?


The following is a quick breakdown of how this trade could affect the main players on fantasy football rosters.


1.  Trent Richardson - Most experts agree the trade increases Richardson's value as a fantasy running back, and its hard to make an argument against this train of thought.  Richardson and Luck will help each other as teams now have to respect both aspects of the Colts' offense.  Teams can no longer stack the box to stop Richardson.  The best part of this move for Trent is that he is now a complimentary player instead of the franchise player.  This should take a lot of pressure off Richardson and allow him to settle down and play football.

2.  Willis McGahee - First things first, starting running backs are the scarcest commodity in fantasy football; therefore, if McGahee is still available on your league's waiver wire, grab him now.  McGahee is a dinosaur in the world of running backs and he is going to be playing for a pretty bad team; that said, he could get 20 touches a game and that sure makes him worth owning in the Fantasy Football World.

3. Ahmad Bradshaw - Bradshaw is the biggest loser in this deal, unless he gets traded very soon.  Since the Colts are not paying Bradshaw very much, a trade involving him is not likely to happen.  Bradshaw has been demoted to the #1 handcuff in all of fantasy football (well Joique Bell is looking like he could be the best handcuff too), and his only real value now lies in how much the Trent Richardson owner is willing to give up in order to protect a 1st round investment.

4. Andrew Luck - There seems to be a mixed reaction to how this trade will affect Luck's fantasy value.  Some say it will hurt his value because Luck won't be throwing or scrambling as much.  Others argue it will help his value because now opposing defenses will have to concentrate on stopping the run and not just stopping the pass.  To break this down logically and put it simply, the more balanced an offense the better every player in that offense performs.


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