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Fantasy Football News and Updates: NFL 2013 Week 2 Injury Update

Injury Update

Every NFL season leads to injured players, and week 1 definitely got the ball rolling. Many fantasy owners lost some key components to their rosters after only one game. Here are a few of the biggest injuries that will have an impact on week 2 of the NFL season.


1. Shane Vereen - Vereen played an outstanding game against the Bills on Sunday, and it looked like he was ready to assume a major role in the Patriots' offense, that was until he broke his wrist. Now Vereen has been placed on the Injured Reserve list and is out at least 10 weeks. Vereen's injury was a major blow to fantasy owners, and should send shockwaves across the Patriots' offensive rotations. If you have a deep bench and feel like your team will be in the fantasy playoffs, then Vereen is worth holding on to. But if you're in a shallow league or need to make some roster moves, then unfortunately its time to say goodbye to Vereen.

possible outcome - LeGarrette Blount gets more playing time and could become relevant in the Fantasy Football World again. (especially since Ridley keeps fumbling)


2. Maurkice Pouncey - The Steelers lost their starting pro-bowl center and the heart and soul of their offensive line for the remainder of the season. While Pouncey is not on fantasy football rosters, his loss will impact all the Steelers who are on fantasy rosters. The Steelers run game was terrible against the Titans, and it will be very hard for Pittsburgh's running game to improve without Pouncey in the middle of the offensive line. Pouncey's absence will also affect Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers' passing attack. Football experts always speak about games being won and lost in the trenches, and the Steelers lost their top trench player and this loss will have a negative impact on all aspects of Pittsburgh's offense.

possible outcome - The Steelers begin to use more short routes and quick 3-step drops that will increase the fantasy values of Antonio Brown and Emmanuel Sanders.


3. Danny Amendola - Fantasy owners new Amendola was an injury risk, but they did not expect him to go down after one game. Amendola looked excellent during his first game as Tom Brady's top target, but the good times did not last long. Amendola suffered a groin injury, and now he is doubtful to play in Thursday night's game against the jets. There are also rumors swelling that he may be out longer than a week. Groin injuries can be tricky like hamstring injuries, and Amendola may end up missing more than one week. Amendola's injury was a big disappointment to Patriots' fans and fantasy owners.

possible outcome - Julian Edelman becomes Tom Brady's most trusted target until Gronkowski and Amendola return to the field.


4. Roddy White - White got on the field during Sunday's game, but it is hard to argue that he played in the game. White injured his ankle during the preseason, and the injury had been downplayed leading up to Atlanta's first game. However, after the game White said he was only supposed to be on the field for running plays but he was out there for more. He also said it could take him a few weeks to get back to 100%. Fantasy owners across the globe wish that White would have disclosed this information before they set their lineups last weekend. It would appear fantasy owners will need to bench White for the upcoming week or if nothing else drastically lower their expectations of White's output.

possible outcome - Harry Douglas has another solid game.


5. Tony Romo and Dez Bryant - Both Romo and Bryant are expected to play this week, but it cannot be assumed that both will be at 100%. Romo suffered a rib injury Sunday, but the x-rays showed no breaks. Bryant is dealing with a foot injury, but his test results also came back negative. For fantasy owners that are relying on the Romo to Bryant connection, they should also consider tempering expectations. Rib injuries can affect a quarterback's ability to throw the ball, and Romo may not be able to put as much strength into his throws. Bryant could be slowed by his foot and may not be able to get as much needed separation. Both Romo and Bryant are tough players, but their injuries could keep them from having big time fantasy stats this week.

possible outcome - Romo and Bryant have fairly average games.

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