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Fantasy Football News and Updates: NFL 2013 Week 2 Players to Watch

Week 2 Players to Watch

Some players' stock took a major downturn during the first week of the NFL season. Fumbling was a major factor in determining playing time for some of this year's highest drafted running backs. Week 2 looks to be another interesting week that should have a major fantasy football impact. Here are a few players whose week 2 performances will have a big impact on fantasy rosters.

1. David Wilson - Wilson is on top of everybodies watch list this week. The main questions regarding WIlson are how much playing time will he get, followed by, what happens if he fumbles again? If Andre Brown was healthy, then its possible Wilson would be the biggest bust of 2013. But Andre Brown is still mending a broken leg, and now David Wilson has a chance to redeem himself. The entire Fantasy Football World will be keeping an eye on Wilson this week during the awe-inspiring Manning Bowl

2. Lamar Miller - Miller is arguably the only player that had a worse opening game than David Wilson. Miller had only 3 yards on 10 carries, and that is a paltry average of 0.3 yards per carry. Miller was so bad in week 1, that he did not make anybody miss. Miller was tackled by the first person he came in contact with every time he touched the ball. The only bright spot for Miller is the fact that he cannot have a worse performance, so its only up from here for the running back Frank Gore compared to Clinton Portis. Miller needs to have a huge game this weekend against the Colts or fantasy owners will start writing him off as a major bust.

3. James Jones - In 2012, James Jones led the NFL in receiving touchdowns, yet he only registered zeros on the stat sheet to start the season. Fantasy owners were not anticipating a repeat of Jones' 2012 success this year, but they were also not expecting him to be completely left out of the Packers aerial attack all together. Jones is on the verge of being buried in the fantasy football cemetery if he does not get some action this weekend against the Redskins.

4. Chad Henne - Henne is not on many fantasy footballers' radars, and he will most likely not be owned by anyone this year. However, Henne could be extremely important to the fantasy relevance of the Jaguars other offensive players. Blaine Gabbert was outright terrible last week, and he brought down the fantasy value of the entire Jaguars team. If Henne can play well, like an established veteran should, then there may still be hope for MJD and Cecil Shorts owners. If the Jaguars cannot put a competent QB on the field, then fantasy owners will need to seriously consider cutting bait with Jones-Drew and Shorts. If Henne can be, at worst, a game manager, then the Jaguars offensive stars will stay fantasy relevant in 2013.

5. Dallas Clark - Joe Flacco has openly admitted he misses Anquan Boldin, and we all saw last week how much Kaepernick is happy to have Boldin. So now Flacco is trying to find a target he trusts as much as he did Boldin, and last week against the Broncos Flacco seemed to have a nice rapport with Dallas Clark. Clark's week 1 performance was overshadowed by breakout games from Julius Thomas and Jordan Cameron, and therefore, many fantasy owners did not consider him when they made their week 1 waiver moves. Clark is still available in the overwhelming majority of leagues, but if he emerges as Joe Flacco's most reliable target, then his ownership should quickly jump to 100%.


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