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Fantasy Football News and Updates: NFL Week 3 2013 Matchup Review and Analysis

Matchups with the Biggest Fantasy Implications

The NFL season is kicking into high gear, and so is the fantasy football stock market.  Players values are the most volitile at the beginning of the season and especially between weeks 3-5.  This is the time when teams make adjustments and players are learning how to work well with each other.  Here are a few matchups that should have a big impact on several players of interest in the Fantasy Football World.


Tampa Bay at New England

This is one of the most intriguing matchups of the day.  A rebuilt Buccaneers' secondary is going up against the Patriots' rebuilt receiving corp.  Last week, Tampa Bay was able to slow the Saints aerial attack, and there is good reason to believe they can stop New England's aerial attack this week.  The Patriots will have a very tough game if they struggle early, but Brady should eventually get on the same page with his receivers.

Another aspect of this game that will be of interest to fantasy owners is the performance of Stevan Ridley.  Ridley has been one of the biggest disappointments in fantasy so far this year.  The Patriots should try to get him going early this weekend, as they need to take pressure of their wide receivers.

Questions that this matchup should help fantasy owners find the answers too:

- Is the Tampa Bay defense for real?

- Can the Patriots find their running game?

- Can the Patriots' Wide Receivers develop a solid rapport with Brady?


Green Bay at Cincinnati

Andy Dalton is the key player in this game.  Dalton needs to step up and play big if the Bengals are going to become true Super Bowl contenders.  Dalton is falling behind in the NFL's new class of young quarterbacks.  So far this year, two members of this new QB class, RGIII and Kaepernick, threw for over 300+ yards in their games against the Packers.  Its very important for Dalton to follow suite, and play like a true franchise Quarterback.

Another player on the Bengals' roster that is of great interest to fantasy footballers is Giovani Bernard.  The Fantasy Football World is wondering when Bernard will overtake Green-Ellis and get the majority of the carries.  The Packers can score lots of points, and it's reasonable to assume that the Bengals are going to need Bernard's explosive ability in order to win this game.

Fantasy owners will also be interested in how the Green Bay running attack performs this week.  Last week, Eddie Lacy was set to become a dominant fantasy force, but a helmet-to-helmet hit took him out of the game very early.  James Starks then came into the game, and gave the Packers their first 100 yard rusher in over 3 years.  Now Starks will get the start against a much tougher Bengals defense, and fantasy owners will be watching to see if the Green Bay backfield will become a true committee.  If Starks struggles, then there will be reason to suspect Lacy can regain the dominant role in the Packers' backfield; but if Starks is productive, then the Green Bay backfield could turn into another fantasy football nightmare.

Questions that this matchup should help fantasy owners find the answers too:

- Can Andy Dalton win a potential shootout, and become a #1 fantasy QB?

- Will the Bengals finally let Bernard off the leash?

- Is the Green Bay backfield going to become a committee and a fantasy headache?


N.Y. Giants at Carolina

If you were to take a look at a list of major fantasy football disappointments for 2013, all the major players from these two teams would be on it with the exception of Victor Cruz.  This game is definitely the "Buy Low" bowl for week 3, and will have a big impact on players fantasy stock.  It could cause some of the players' fantasy stock to take a nosedive straight into fantasy bust land.  But if that happens, remember the season is still very young.  This game could create the best trade bargains of the season so far, so fantasy owners need to keep an eye on the stat sheet produced by this game.

Questions that this matchup should help fantasy owners find the answers too:

Can David Wilson rebound?

Can Eli and Newton right their ships?

Will Steve Smith and Hakeem Nicks find their fantasy swagger?


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