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Fantasy Football News and Updates: NFL Week 4 Waiver Wire Wide Receivers

Week 4 Waiver Wire Wide Receivers

How crazy and unpredictable has the 2013 season been?  Before it started there was one Jet that had been deemed worthy of holding a fantasy football roster spot.  Now two different Jets are topping the waiver wire list this week. Powell and Holmes are looking like the hottest names on the Waiver Wire.  While the Jets offense is not that impressive, they are 2-1 with a not-so-tough schedule remaining.

1. Santonio Holmes - Holmes is by far the most well known player on the waiver wire, and he makes for a very intriguing fantasy play.  It is hard for a #1 wide receiver from a Super Bowl Champion to have a breakout game that causes fantasy owners to get excited.  Normally top wide receivers that have won a Super Bowl don't fall off the grid as far as Holmes did.  Holmes had a huge game last weekend and he just might returned to fantasy relevance.  One of the most interesting aspects working in Holmes favor is the Rookie QB/ Veteran WR connection that seems to have taken the NFL by storm.  There are also very valid reasons to pass on Holmes such as the Jets offense is not very potent and the questionable reliability of his rookie QB. But here is the bottom line: Holmes is the top wide receiver on the Jets, and if he has his mind right, then he could definitely become the most productive fantasy zombie of 2013.

2. Justin Blackmon - Well his time of return is getting near, and if Henne remains his QB, then Blackmon may very well be worth playing in fantasy.  The Jaguars have one of the worst offenses in the league, but the positive of that could be garbage time catches.  Blackmon has Cecil Shorts to keep defenses balanced, and they should complement each other more than they compete with each other for targets.  Blackmon showed the ability to put up big time fantasy numbers last year, and if you want to take a gamble on him, you have to grab him this week.

3. Ryan Broyles - Another example to the unusual aura surrounded the 2013 NFL season,  the Detroit Lions #2 wide receiver, Nate Burleson, broke his arm in a car accident.  That accident happened just as Broyles has been getting back into game shape after recovering from a torn ACL.  There are rumors going around that the Lions are looking to trade for another wide receiver, and if a trade goes through, then Broyle fantasy value will be impacted.  However, as of this moment, Broyles in looking like a player worthy of holding a spot on fantasy rosters.

4. Donnie Avery - Avery's performance last Thursday night surprised the entire Fantasy Football World, and now fantasy footballers are wondering if this trend will continue.  Fantasy footballers are also wondering where Dwayne Bowe went. If the Chiefs offense was explosive, then both Avery and Bowe could both be relevant in fantasy football.  Unfortunately Alex Smith does not open things up and that means there is limited value for Avery and possibly for Bowe as well. Avery has competiton for targets in the Chiefs short passing game from Charles and McCluster and that will most likely translate into inconsistant perfomances. Despite the limited upside for Avery, he could deliver a few more big games throughout the season, but those games will be tough to predict.

5. Denarius Moore - Moore had a great game Monday night, but the Raiders played from behind the entire night.  The Raiders passing game is not their strength, but #1 receivers usually deliver solid fantasy value.  The problem is, however, that Moore has not separated himself from Streater as Pryors' top target.  Moore has 20 targets on the year and Streater has 16.  The only difference between Streater and Moore are touchdowns.  Moore has 2 touchdowns and Streater has yet to catch a touchdown pass.  If you think Moore will catch all the Raiders passing touchdowns then grab him, otherwise you could wait and pick up Streater as free agent if your really looking to invest in the Raiders passing attack.


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