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We have the NEW Sports Chat Place T-Shirts and we are giving them away to our loyal readers 100% FREE.

These shirts will not be for sale and you can’t get them anywhere else but there are two ways to get your FREE Shirt.

You can get a FREE Shirt with the Purchase of a Monthly Premium or Premium Plus Membership at Sports Chat Place Premium, A 5-Day Premium Plus, or Two 7 Day Premiums over the course of a given month. THESE MEMBERSHIPS MUST BE CURRENT AND ACTIVE. Or any combined purchases of $100 or more over the course of the current month at Sports Chat Experts.

T-Shirts will be raffled off DAILY, Winners will be announced in the Sports Chat Place Facebook Group each day along with the instructions on how to claim your FREE Shirt.

The Number of Shirts Given Away each day is based on the number of Thumbs Up we get Each Day for our Daily Live Show on our YouTube Channel, This will be the total accumulated for the ENTIRE DAY, not just during the live broadcast. 1 Shirt Will be given away automatically and then an additional shirt will be given for every 50 Thumbs Up each day. For Example: If there are 200 Thumbs Up it will be 5 Shirts, 1 for the Day and 4 additional, 1 for each 50 Thumbs Up.



Daily Winners will be selected from the people who have given the daily video a Thumbs Up on our FACEBOOK PAGE and who meet the following criteria (ALL of these are FREE and something that only need to be done once each EVER):

1) They are a subscriber to the Sports Chat Place YouTube Channel (Subscribe here For FREE

2) They Like Our Facebook Page. (Like Our Facebook Page Here)

3) They are a member of our Facebook Group (Join our FREE Facebook Group Here)

4) They Follow Sports Chat Place on Twitter (Follow Us On Twitter Here)

5) And they Subscribe to our FREE Newsletter (Signup in the signup Box on the homepage of Sports Chat Place)

******ADDITIONAL SHIRTS WILL BE GIVE AWAY based on Shares and Retweets on various platforms that will be announced from time to time during the promotion so listen in, watch, and participate.


This is the fairest way I could come up with and the only way that works that I am able to give the shirts away for free. While YouTube only allows us to see the number of Thumbs Up, Facebook Allows us to see who Liked the Video on the Page and that is why both are part of the Criteria being used. 



On July 1, 2008 I typed into Google "How Do I start A Blog" and I started my first website called "Miami Mitch's Place" where i shared my college football Picks and predictions as well as opinion. By the Fall I had heard from many that the title made it sound like the site was about Miami so I changed it to "College Football Place" (, After the 2008 college football season I change focus and launched, it wasn't long after that when I realized I just wanted one place to add all sports, and that's when Sports Chat Place was born.

This site is a big Thank You to all of our readers, visitors, and community where we have been given a platform to talk to the masses about sports and hopefully help put you on some winners. If you need to reach me just shoot an email to [email protected]

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