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2014 Home Run Derby Picks, Odds, and Prediction

Mitch Gives Out His Picks and Previews for the 2014 Home Run Derby
Date & Time Monday July 14, 2014, 7:00 PM (EDT)
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MLB | Mitch Gives Out His Picks and Previews for the 2014 Home Run Derby

It’s a rare year when anything that happens in the MLB Home Run Derby makes much sense but once again I will give it shot and see what I come up with. Last year I did have Yoenis Cespedes and if I could just remember my reasoning at the time, maybe it would be useful here but honestly with 2,600 regular season baseball games and us covering them all here at Sports Chat Place, this is the most reast we get the entire year so I am going to treat this like the players do, it’s nice to win but I don’t think it is going to affect things one way or another because this one is just for fun. Let’s take a look at the players in this year’s HR Derby and see what I can come up with.

Adam Jones, Baltimore Orioles (Current Odds: 12-1)- Jones is a nice player and a gamer but he is one of those guys whose home runs always seem to have more impact because of their timing, tht doesn’t lend itself to much success here.

Brian Dozier, Minnesota Twins (Current Odds: 10-1) Dozier plays for the home team here and really that is why he is in. I don’t expect Dozier to make much noise here and there are a few players I would rather see in this spot but this game is about the fans and Minnesota fans will love seeing him on the field.

Giancarlo Stanton, Miami Marlins (Current Odds: 1.5 -1) Stanton is the favorite to win this thing and a logical choice to make some noise as he just has a sweet swing and makes it look easy. Expect to see him in the mix but at these odds in a Home Run derby tough to love him as much.

Jose Bautista, Toronto Blue jays (Current Odds: 5-1) Bautista is one of the more powerful players in baseball but he has been dinged up this season so I am not sure if he has what it takes to got he distance based on that alone otherwise he would be the choice.

Josh Donaldson, Oakland A’s (Current Odds: 10-1) Donaldson is a value here and while he doesn’t have the numbers coming into this thing that we have seen from him in the past, he is more than worthy of being here and like his team, the A’s, seems to be getting disrespected by the odds makers and the public.

Justin Morneau, Colorado Rockies (Current Odds: 12-1) Morneau isn’t getting a lot of love from the odds makers as he returns to Minnesota where he was a member of the Twins when they were still good and he was a MVP winner. He has a chance to win here as well.

Todd Frazier, Cincinnati Reds (Current Odds: 10-1) of all of the players in this year’s Home Run Derby Frazier might be the one no one would have picked to be in it at the start of the season. My guess is Frazier has a good time but doesn’t advance.

Troy Tulowitzki, Colorado Rockies (Current Odds: 5-1) With Tulowitzki’s injuries in recent years I am not sure what he is doing in this thing but he sure does have a great swing. Tulowitzki could win the Triple Crown but I am not sure I see him winning this contest.

Yasiel Puig, Los Angels Dodgers (Current Odds: 5-1) Puig is best when he has something to prove and while he doesn’t always make the smartest plays in the field or on the bases, he is going to be tough to beat here and I expect him to be in the mix.

Yoenis Cespedes, Oakland A’s (Current Odds: 3.5-1) Cespedes won it all last year and as I pointed out earlier I had him in my picks but if he wins it this year it will be without me. It’s tough to repeat in anything and this is no different and after winning last year at big price, there isn’t any value in this number.

Justin Morneau, Josh Donaldson, Yasiel Puig

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