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Greatest Quarterback of All Time


Who is the Greatest Quarterback of All Time? The debate continues in the next generation. It demands the right answer now, yet plenty of arguments will arise.

In discussing the who Greatest Quarterback of All Time, there are candidates to consider like: Joe Montana, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, John Elway, Brett Favre, Terry Bradshaw, and even Steve Young. Let's negate those quarterbacks with great statistical numbers but without a Super Bowl victory.

Before Manning and Brady entered the NFL, there's a united voice out there that considered Montana as the Greatest Quarterback of All Time. If you like Montana, then it would be easy to defend by saying about the 4 Super Bowls that he won, and even his 16-7 playoffs record. Montana's No. 1 ranking was too high to level Elway, who appeared in five Super Bowls, winning two.

In the years 2001-2010, quarterback comparisons and debates were always be on Manning vs Brady or Brady vs Manning, never mentioning of Montana. However, the triumphs of Manning in the playoffs, and the success of Brady in accumulating numbers in the regular season, changed the focus of the debate. It seemed that Montana's stature, which was untouchable, could be reach by either Brady or Manning.

Let's do the elimination first: Brady or Manning. In my personal opinion, Brady is better than Manning in so many ways. Brady has a better winning percentage in both the regular season and the playoffs. Yes, Manning captured Five regular season MVP's and owned Brady 2-1 in the AFC Conference Championships, but those are not enough to make Manning higher. There are many stats comparison between Brady and Manning that anybody can check.

In the past two years, the comparison between Brady and Montana evolved. Profound arguments were being laid and criteria were created. I am also interested to make my own decision, Montana or Brady.

Four Reasons Why Brady is the Greatest Quarterback of All Time, and not Montana

1. Regular season record

Brady's winning percentage is 77.5% (148-43-0), while Montana is 71.3 % (117-47-0). Close numbers to look at. The regular season record is an important factor to determine which is better. In this criteria, Brady wins.

2. Playoffs Record

Brady's winning percentages is 69.2 % (18-8-0), while Montana is 69.6 % (16-7). Almost identical, let's give Montana a little edge. This is the criteria why Manning cannot be compared to either Brady or Montana. For those who loved Montana for so long, the playoff record can be altered in favor of Brady in this season if he wins.

3. Super Bowls and Super Bowl wins

Montana was 4-out-of-4 in the Super Bowl, while Brady was 3-out-of-5. According to those who selected Montana, this is the record that cannot be compared to Brady's. Let me give you the answer, Brady didn't lose any of the Super Bowls to the New York Giants. In both instances, the Patriots were leading until the two heroic comebacks of Eli Manning. Furthermore, if David Tyree did not caught that pass from Manning and Wes Welker caught that pass, then Brady should have 5 Super Bowl wins.

4. Weapons

Montana won his two Super Bowls with the greatest receiver of all time, Jerry Rice. Brady won his three Super Bowls with unknown receivers like David Patten, Deion Branch and Troy Brown. The truth of the matter, Rice makes the quarterback better. He made Steve Young won his Super Bowl and he was the primary target of the underachieved quarterback Rich Gannon in Oakland.

You may not be on my side, but the all debates will be set aside when Brady wins his fourth Super Bowl ring.

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