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Top Five NFL Landing Spots For Robert Griffin III

A Look at the Five Teams That Could Benefit From Adding RG3
Date & Time Monday February 15, 2016, 12:00 PM (EST)
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When Robert Griffin III entered the NFL draft, there were those who thought the Indianapolis Colts were a little crazy for taking Andrew Luck over him. They said the same thing about Ryan Leaf and Peyton Manning, if you’ll recall. Fortunately, things are working out okay (once again) in Indianapolis. In Washington D.C., though, not so much. With RG3 on the chopping block, I thought we’d spend this snowy, horrible Monday looking at the top five best landing spots for the former Heisman winner. Plus, on this post-Valentine's Day morn, was there ever a story of unrequited love quite like that between Griffin III and the Washington Redskins? I say not. 


1. The Kansas City Chiefs

Alex Smith isn’t a bad quarterback. In fact, he played extremely good football this year. That said, I can’t see a better coach for Griffin III than Andy Reid. There are a surprising amount of similarities between RG3 and Donvan McNabb, who Reid groomed for years in Philadelphia. Even Smith has presented his own challenges, which Reid has overcome. If anyone has the patience and the skill to make RG3 a true starter, I believe it’s Reid. The problem here is that RG3’s agent wants him to start this year; that probably wouldn’t happen in Kansas City, so as much as I like this fit, I hesitate to say that it will actually happen. 


2. The Dallas Cowboys

If this season proved anything in Dallas, it’s that America’s Team is pretty much nothing without Tony Romo under center. With Johnny Manziel off the table, possibly permanently, there’s no time like the present for Jerry Jones and Co. to start looking for a solid option to ultimately replace their nearly 36-year-old starter. Griffin III might not be a bad option. He’s shown that he has NFL potential and he’s certainly a sight better than anyone in this year’s quarterback-light draft class. 


3. The New Orleans Saints

Future Hall of Famer Drew Brees turned 37 years old last month and is going to set the Saints back a $30 million salary cap hit this year. Worth it? Possibly. He’s that good. On the other hand, Sean Payton and Co. could start looking to the future. RG3 might not be a bad fit in New Orleans; you know Payton wouldn’t take any guff from him off (or on) the field. 


4. The Los Angeles Rams

There’s something sort of magical about the Rams returning to the City of Angels. The fans there are literally parading through the streets in excitement and the team suddenly seems shiny and exciting again after their rather dull recent run in St. Louis (their last playoff appearance was in 2004). RG3, in some ways, seems like he might be the ideal fit for a Rams team that is (purportedly) looking for a running quarterback who still has a passing arm. Plus, there’s a sort of poetic justice to Griffin III ending-up with the team the ’Skins gave all those picks to in order to draft him way back in 2012…


5. The Cleveland Browns

I know, I know, I know. The last thing the Browns need is another quarterback. But they actually do need another quarterback. Josh McCown isn’t going to cut it in the long run and Johnny Manziel has been put out to pasture, for good reason. With Hue Jackson taking over coaching duties in Believeland, there’s no time like the present to look to the future. Again. Like every year in that poor city. There’s no guarantee that Griffin III is the answer for Cleveland, of course, but he’s got as much of a shot as the other 20-some guys who have tried since 1999.

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