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Top Five Takeaways From Super Bowl 50

A Look at the Top Five Takeaways From Super Bowl 50
Date & Time Monday February 8, 2016, 12:00 PM (EST)
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NFL | A Look at the Top Five Takeaways From Super Bowl 50

I’m begging to differ with everyone who says the 2016 Super Bowl was a boring game. It was one of the best defensive performances the league has seen in years, with this year’s number one offense getting essentially shut down. The Sheriff redeemed himself and finally snagged that second ring. Cam Newton showed his true colors. It was a good night in my book. With half a century of Super Bowls officially done and over with, I thought we’d spend the first official day of the offseason taking a look at the top five takeaways from Super Bowl 50. 


1. Defense still wins championships (and Von Miller is a beast).

A lot of people thought that the Carolina Panthers’ offense was unstoppable this year. Then, the Denver Broncos’ D got a crack at them. Defensive coordinator Wade Phillips created the perfect scheme to shutdown Cam and Co. Seven sacks were recorded last night (my personal bold prediction was that there would be five) and the Panthers were held to just 10 points. The game’s MVP, Von Miller, picked-up where he left off last week, clocking two strip sacks and another half sack. I say again, the man is a beast. Here, kitty kitty…


2. Cam Newton must get his act together. 

Newton, admittedly, does a lot of good in his downtime, working with the Make-a-Wish Foundation and other charitable causes. That said, if he truly wants to be taken seriously as a role model and a player, Newton has to start playing the part. Over the course of last night’s game, the 2016 league MVP threw at least two tantrums on the ground, walked out of his press conference, and whined in a fashion that would make Tom Brady proud when he didn’t get the calls he wanted. He looked terrible on the field and he needs to own that in order to be considered a true league leader.  


3. Peyton Manning needs to hang it up.

I’m a massive Manning fan (I cried during the press conference when he announced he was leaving Indy and I teared-up last night when the Broncos won…I love the man), but he’s a shell of the No. 18 my generation grew-up adoring. Manning is one of the greatest football minds the world has ever seen and now is the time for him to coach or commentate. Last night’s performance was lackluster at best; Manning owes his second Super Bowl ring to his defense’s impressive play. I’m with Eli in that I’ve never really imagined an NFL without Peyton, but I hope we find out what it looks like in September. 


4. Fast starts are everything. 

Even though the Broncos only put-up three points on their opening drive, it gave them the momentum they needed for the rest of the game. Every fan, every writer, and every announcer says that fast starts matter at least 3,000 times per season (that’s an exact count), but Super Bowl 50 proved it. By getting points on the board early, Denver was able to control the game from the get-go. Take note, Colts…


5. Officiating is still a mess. 

First-time Super Bowl referee Clete Blakeman didn’t do a disastrous job last night, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t left with much to be desired from the officiating crew. There were some bad, bad, bad missed calls on both sides and, then, there was the flag thrown, picked-up, and never really explained. In the interest of beating a dead horse, the NFL has got to improve its officiating this offseason if it wants to continue to deliver a quality product to fans. But, hey, at least the coin flipped, right?

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