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Top Ten 2015 NFL Free Agents Left on the Market


It’s been a crazy two days of free agency around the league, but if your team hasn’t made any big moves yet, don’t fret. There are still quite a few big names left on the market (here’s lookin’ at you, DeMarco Murray). We’re going to get this Thursday started off right by breaking down the top ten NFL free agents who have yet to find new deals. 


1. The Dallas Cowboys’ all-time leading rusher, RB Demarco Murray, is more-or-less undisputedly the biggest name left on the free agent market right now. Murray, reportedly, has spoken to Chip Kelly personally and the Philadelphia Eagles are interested in meeting with him today. But don’t count out the Big D just yet. Jerry Jones and Co. would also love to bring Murray back for another year (or five).  


2. DE Greg Hardy was officially released by the Carolina Panthers quite some time ago, but so far, no other teams have bitten. Hardy had some personal, off-field issues last year that make him a bit of a liability (you might recall the situation). However, he’s still one of the most talented free agents available, so it shouldn’t be long before Hardy finds a new home. 


3. WR Percy Harvin may not be the player he once was (look at his 2012 tape for proof), but he’s still a serviceable receiver who brings exceptional experience to the table. Harvin reportedly met with the Buffalo Bills yesterday and is also sparking interest in the New England Patriots’ organization. 


4. DT Nick Fairley was cut by the Detroit Lions and looks to have just one team seriously interested in signing him. That team? The Cincinnati Bengals. Fairley met with Bengals officials yesterday and may soon be joining A.J. Hawk in beefing-up the team’s D. 


5. DT Terrance Knighton was part of the Denver Broncos’ 2013 Super Bowl run, but is now looking for a spot on a new team’s roster. Pot Roast has drawn interest from multiple teams, including the Oakland Raiders (where Knighton’s longtime coach Jack Del Rio recently became head coach), the Indianapolis Colts, and the Chicago Bears. Don’t expect him to stay unsigned for long. 


6. OLB Derrick Morgan, who attended college in Atlanta, is scheduled to meet with the Atlanta Falcons this week. The Dallas Cowboys have also expressed some level of interest in talking to Morgan. The odds are good that he’ll sign with one of these two teams soon (my money’s on the ATL). 


7. RB C.J. Spiller, who was cut from the Buffalo Bills’ roster in favor of LeSean McCoy, has drawn interest from multiple teams, including the New Orleans Saints, the Dallas Cowboys, the New York Jets, and (ironically) the Philadelphia Eagles. Spiller is a solid back, but has only had one standout season, so look for him to complement an existing running game rather than to create one from scratch. 


8. OLB Brian Orakpo was a key part of the Washington Redskins defense for quite some time. Now, though, he appears to be moving on. Orakpo has drawn interest from several teams, including the Tennessee Titans and the Arizona Cardinals, despite suffering his third torn pectoral muscle during the 2014 season. 


9. Former Miami Dolphins TE Charles Clay looks to be *this* close to inking a deal with Rex Ryan’s Buffalo Bills. There’s not much more to say on Clay, given that his new contract appears to be all but in the books. 


10. WR Michael Crabtree, who was part of the San Francisco 49ers’ 2012 Super Bowl run, has yet to draw serious interest from any teams. Crabtree suffered an Achilles tear and struggled through the 2014 season. We’ll see if anyone is willing to take a chance on him returning to form. 

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