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Top Ten 40 Times Among Running Backs at the NFL Veteran Combine

How Fast Did RBs Run the 40-Yard Dash at the NFL Veteran Combine?
Date & Time Thursday March 26, 2015, 12:00 PM (EDT)
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NFL | How Fast Did RBs Run the 40-Yard Dash at the NFL Veteran Combine?

In case you missed it, the NFL held it’s first (and perhaps only) veteran combine in Tempe, Arizona over the weekend. The results, as everyone kind of expected, were a little bit on the sad side. Michael Sam, for example, absolutely bombed (but, hey, at least he’s getting a television documentary out of the deal). One of the worst parts of the event? The 40-yard dash times for running backs. We’re going to take a look at them today. This may go down as one of the most tragic top tens I’ve ever written. We lead-off with a time over 4.7. Yikes. 


1. RB Da’Rel Scott was the New York Giants’ seventh round pick in the 2011 draft. Scott, despite being a late-rounder, had the fastest (so to speak) 40 time at the veteran combine, clocking-in at 4.74 seconds. 


2. RB Mikel Leshoure actually saw a bit of playing time in the NFL after being the Detroit Lions’ second round pick in 2011. Leshoure, though, has fallen off-the-radar and is likely to stay there after running a 4.75 40-yard dash last weekend. 


3. RB Quentin Hines, who was cut from the New England Patriots’ roster in 2014, ran a 4.76 second 40-yard dash at the veteran combine. Par for the course, it would seem, but Hines is younger than a lot of the other players who participated, so his slow time is even more disappointing. 


4. RB Felix Jones was once a pretty solid NFL player, spending five seasons with the Dallas Cowboys and one with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Jones, though, has unsurprisingly lost a lot of speed, running a 4.79 second 40 at the veteran combine event. 


5. RB Jewel Hampton signed with the San Francisco 49ers as a free agent after going undrafted in the 2012 draft. Hampton, never known for his speed, ran a 4.92 second 40-yard dash over the weekend. 


6. RB Cierre Wood gained nine yards for the Houston Texans in 2013 before being released. He’s clearly had an illustrious career so far. Adding to his impressive stats, Wood ran a 4.93 second 40 at the veteran combine. 


7. FB Harvey Unga has spent time on both the Chicago Bears’ and the Jacksonville Jaguars’ rosters, but has yet to see any actual playing time in the NFL. Poor Unga isn’t likely to see his fortune change after running a 4.94 second 40-yard dash. 


8. RB Michael Bush, who aptly stated “There goes my career” after learning of his 4.96 second 40 time, has been on the rosters of the Oakland Raiders, the Arizona Cardinals, and the Chicago Bears. Bush has only ever spent time on the field for Da Bears, however, getting five touchdowns in 2012. 


(8*) 9. FB Lonnie Pryor (no relation to QB Terrelle Pryor) was signed and released by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2013. Given his 4.96 second 40 time at the veteran combine, Pryor isn’t likely to be re-signed anytime soon.   


10. FB Dan Moore, who was waived from the Indianapolis Colts’ roster following a 2013 injury, ran an absolutely dismal 5.13 second 40-yard dash. There are literally linemen who are faster. Poor Moore. 

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