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Top Ten Best Things About NFL Kickoff Night 2014

Read My Rundown of the Best Things That Happened During 2014 NFL Kickoff
Date & Time Friday September 5, 2014, 12:00 PM (EDT)
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NFL | Read My Rundown of the Best Things That Happened During 2014 NFL Kickoff

Happy regular season, guys and gals! Today's top ten is dedicated to one of my very favorite nights of the whole year. Kickoff.

1. Um, kick-off itself. I don't know about you, but the first kick-off of the season always gives me a thrill like nothing else. Okay, well, other than the return of my beloved PSLs.

2. Russell Wilson. Wilson's still playing like a QB with years more experience than he actually has. That scramble to the 3 yard line in the 3rd quarter? Props.

3. The 12th Man certainly didn't disappoint during last night's game. They're back and better (louder?) than ever; no doubt the Seahawks faithful are rarin' for a repeat.

4. Beast Mode was ready to roll last night after holding-out on attending training camp until the proverbial 11th hour. Marshawn Lynch (literally) ran over the Packers' D on his way to 2 TDs (and a whole lot of Skittles.)

5. The awesome one handed catch Zach Miller hauled in during the 1st quarter ought to serve as a model for TEs everywhere. Coby Fleener, you paying attention? Sorry, y'all, I couldn't resist.

6. The unveiling of Century Link's new swag, it's first World Champions banner, was a pretty incredible moment. Much deserved, boys (and fans.)

7. Even though the night didn't go exactly according to plan for Aaron Rodgers and Co. (ouch, Cheeseheads), 23 for 33 pass completions ain't bad. It was definitely nice to see Rodgers looking like his old self on the gridiron after last season's clavicle debacle.

8. Byron Maxwell's 3rd quarter interception was the final nail in the Pack's fate, truly turning the tide of the game in the Seahawks' favor. Jordy Nelson barely missed the catch and the ball deflected directly into Maxwell's waiting hands.

9. Even though the Seahawks' D claimed they were a LOT rusty in their collective post-game comments, I, for one, enjoyed seeing the Legion of Boom back in action last night. Even though Richard Sherman was largely a non-factor in this Week 1 match-up, there's still a spark about this squad that seems inimitable.

10. Clay Matthews. That is all. I'm
allowed to have one fangirl moment on the first night of the season. One and done, though, I promise.

(Honorable Mention) 11. Pharrell's hat. Because, well, the man's millinery collection deserves recognition.

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