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Top Ten Biggest Losers at the 2015 NFL Combine

This morning, as promised, we’re going to start looking at some results from the 2015 NFL Combine. The top ten losers from this year are up first. Sorry, boys, but sometimes things just don’t go as planned in Indy. But, hey, that’s why we play the game. Or run the 40…or something like that…


1. Michigan TE Devin Funchess’s workout was expected to be one of the highlights of the 2015 Combine. Instead of wowing everyone, though, Funchess ran a disappointing 4.70-second 40 yard dash and struggled during his gauntlet drills. He’ll still be drafted high, but it definitely wasn’t the week Funchess was hoping for. 


2. TCU LB Paul Dawson went into the Combine as one of the top prospects at his position, but emerged with some questions surrounding his abilities. Dawson ran a 4.93-second 40, which is slow even by linemen standards. Scouts will definitely be re-scrutinizing his tape before draft weekend. 


3. Alabama RB T.J. Yeldon wasn’t expected to be explosive at the Combine, so nobody was overly concerned about his 4.61-second 40 time. What did concern scouts (and should concern fans), though, were Yeldon’s difficulties during various RB drills. The boy just didn’t look comfortable on the field, which is a big-time red flag. 


4. East Carolina QB Shane Carden may have been on my list of the ten fastest QBs at this year’s Combine with his 4.85-second 40, but remember how I said this year’s QB class is the thinnest in years? Carden did very little to boost his draft stock in Indy; he looked confused during passing drills and proved that he relied very heavily on his skilled receiving corps during his college days. 


5. Nebraska DE Randy Gregory weighed-in at 238 pounds at the Combine; that’s 20 pounds heavier than he was during the 2014 college season. However, there are still some major concerns about whether or not he’s big enough to play DE in the pros. Gregory is still an intriguing prospect, but his stock is certainly down, at least among some teams. 


6. Washington jack-of-all-trades (he played S, LB, and tailback in college) Shaq Thompson didn’t quite have the standout Combine that he was expected to. Thompson ran a middling 4.64-second 40,  but did impress in some of his other drills. Overall, though, it seems that Thompson’s talents may have been oversold heading into draft season. 


7. Miami CB LaDarius Gunter just looked flat-out bad during almost all of his drills. Gunter looked stiff, had tight hips, and couldn’t catch anything thrown his way. Oh, and his vert? 13 offensive linemen jumped higher. Not a great week for Gunter. 


8. Florida DL Leon Orr actually didn’t look terrible (but didn’t look great) for the most part, but he had the weirdest 40 I’ve ever witnessed. Orr got into a disagreement of some kind with a Steelers’ scout over how to line-up for his run. This led to a very odd 3-4 minute delay before Orr actually took-off. Nobody wants to draft a guy who is going to fight with authority figures, so this might’ve given some teams pause. 


9. Florida State QB Jameis Winston is (clearly) one of the biggest names in this year’s draft. Winston, though, lowered his draft stock among some teams with his super-cocky media session. The boy said the words “face of the franchise” six times. Six. Furthermore, Winston’s 4.97-second 40 time was far from impressive. 


10. Auburn WR Sammie Coates was expected to be one of the fastest players at the Combine, but disappointed mightily with a 4.43-second 40 (No. 12 among wideouts). Coates did do well in other drills, but his slow 40 yard dash serves to put the spotlight on other issues, including his seriously inconsistent hands. 

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