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Top Ten Biggest NFL Cornerback Contracts

Is Your Team's Cornerback One of the Highest Paid in the League?
Date & Time Tuesday May 20, 2014, 12:00 PM (EDT)
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NFL | Is Your Team's Cornerback One of the Highest Paid in the League?

Contracts are on everyone’s minds lately (mine included, clearly) as we watch rookie after rookie get signed and key players receive extensions. Since a couple of top CBs have been in the news for their huge new deals, I thought we’d take a look at the top ten highest paid CBs around the league (yes, you’ll see Haden and Sherman near the top of the list). Note that I’ve ranked these guys in order of their annual salaries, not their total contracts. Savvy? 


1. When Darrelle Revis, who had 50 tackles and 2 interceptions in 2013, was released as a free agent, teams around the league clambered to sign him. Bill Belichick and Co. ended up snagging Revis Island, offering him a 2-year, $32 million deal that pays out $5.75 million annually. Revis is guaranteed 35.9% of the total sum. 


2. Richard Sherman's 8 interceptions (and interview with Erin Andrews) really put him on the map during the Seahawks’ 2013 season. The powers-that-be in Seattle weren’t going to take a chance on losing Sherman, so they signed him to a 5-year, $56 million contract. Sherman will receive $3.11 million per year and is guaranteed to see 22.2% of his money. 


3. Soon after Sherman’s new deal was inked, the Cleveland Browns decided to one-up, well, everyone, by offering Joe Haden a 6-year, $68 million contract with $22.88 million guarantee. Haden will be paid $4.58 million per annum. During the 2013 season, Haden caught 4 interceptions and had 54 tackles.


4. Cowboys corner Brandon Carr has a $50.1 million deal, of which an astounding 50.9% is guaranteed (good job, agents). Carr is paid $5.1 million yearly. Carr had an excellent 2013 season, with 71 tackles and 3 interceptions. 


5. The Packers’ Sam Shields has a $39.0 million contract that ends in 2018. Shields, who racked-up 61 tackles and 4 interceptions last season, makes $3.13 million every year. 


6. Chiefs CB Brandon Flowers's contract is worth a grand total of $48.75 million. Flowers is guaranteed $11 million of this number and will be eligible for free agency in 2017. During the 2014 season, Flowers amassed 68 tackles, but had just 1 interception. 


7. Leon Hall, CB for the Cincinnati Bengals, didn’t play for half of the 2013 season. In the weeks he was on the gridiron, Hall had 20 tackles and an interception. Hall’s contract is worth a total of $39 million with 36% of the money guaranteed. Hall sees $3.51 million every year. 


8. The Texans Johnathan Joseph has a $48.75 million deal that guarantees him a total of $23.5 million (yes, that’s almost half…the agents for those Texas boys know what they’re doing). Jospeh, whose 47 tackles and 3 interceptions were a teensy bright spot during the team’s 14 game losing streak, is paid $4.7 million a year through 2016. 


9. When the Patriots decided to let Aqib Talib walk, John Elwayy and Co. swooped in to add him to their newly stacked D. Talib was offered a 6-year, $57 million deal, which he wisely accepted. Talib is guaranteed a total of $11.5 million and will take home $1.92 million each season. 


10. The Colts were bent on re-signing Vontae Davis and got the job done with a 4-year, $36 million deal. In 2013, Davis had 46 tackles and a single interception. Not bad, but many fans would like to see Davis step-up his game during the coming season.

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