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Top Ten Biggest NFL Fan Bases


Whenever (and wherever) I travel, I always think it’s interesting to talk to other football fans and find out which teams they root for Today, we’re going to take a look at the top ten biggest NFL fan bases by region. This isn’t to say that the biggest fan bases are the most loyal to their clubs, so don’t get mad you don’t see yourselves on this list, Packers Nation. 


1. The Denver Broncos' fan base is currently spreading out across the west (and a couple of random counties in Indiana…go figure) mainly following the addition of Peyton Manning. The Broncos now hold down Colorado, 3/4 of Montana, Wyoming, the vast majority of Utah, part of New Mexico, Most of Nebraska, and half of South Dakota. 


2. The Dallas Cowboys may no longer be America’s Team (yup, I’ll say it), but they still have a huge and healthy fan base, holding down all by the Houston area in Texas, the majority of New Mexico, Okalhoma, Arkansas, a teensy corner of Mississippi, 3/4 of Nevada (huh?), and several counties in Montana, Idaho, and Oregon. 


3. The Seattle Seahawks' fan base seems to be constantly growing and the team now holds down all of Washington state, most of Idaho, the western 1/4 of Montana, and nearly all of Oregon. 


4. The Minnesota Vikings may not have been good for, well, awhile, but they still have a fairly massive fan base, holding down all of Minnesota and North Dakota, half of South Dakota, and the northern 1/3 of Iowa. 


5. The San Francisco 49ers had a bad season last year, but they still manage to have one of the biggest fan bases in the league, with 3/4 of California (that’s a whole lot of people) the bottom bit of Oregon, and the western 1/3 of Nevada all considering themselves part of Niners Nation. 


6. The Pittsburgh Steelers have a fan base that stretches throughout most of Pennsylvania (sorry Eagles), all of West Virginia, into the western half of Virginia and the eastern part of Ohio, and even into a few random counties in Kentucky, northwestern Ohio, and South Carolina. 


7. The New Orleans Saints hold down a decent fan base in the southeast, with fans in Louisiana, almost all of Mississippi, Alabama, the lower few counties of Arkansas, and the western half of the Florida panhandle all rooting for the Big Easy’s NFL team.


8. You can call their fans bandwagon if you want, but the New England Patriots have fans throughout the northeast, steadily holding Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. You’re also bound to run into random Pats fans just about anywhere in this country you happen to be. Yes, even in Indianapolis. 


9. The Kansas City Chiefs hold down a strong fan base in the plains states, with the majority of Missouri, nearly all of Kansas, the lower western corner of Iowa, and the a few counties in Oklahoma all converging on Arrowhead Stadium on Sundays. 


10. The Chicago Bears, who also happen to be one of the NFL’s oldest teams, have fans throughout most of Illinois, the eastern 1/3 of Iowa, the upper corner or Indiana, and even a few counties in northwestern Kentucky. 

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