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Top Ten Fewest Interceptions in 2013 (By NFL Team)

Happy Friday, y’all! We’ve already taken a look at the top ten NFL teams with the most interceptions during the 2013 season, so, of course, I have to turn the tables today. Below, you’ll find out if your team was one of the ten with the fewest interceptions over the course of last year. Most of the clubs won’t surprise you, but there are a couple of traditionally defensive powerhouses (ahem, Steelers) that might throw you for a loop. 


1. The Houston Texans, who had an abysmal year (but at least got Jadeveon Clowney out of it), had 7 total interceptions. They were able to return 1 of these for a TD. 


2. The Oakland Raiders, whose steady decline continued in 2013 (let’s hope 2014 holds better things for them), had 9 interceptions on the year. They, too, returned just 1 to the end zone. 


3. The Atlanta Falcons had 10 interceptions, 2 of which were converted to TDs. Remember when they appeared in the 2012 NFC championship? Those were the days in the ATL…


(3*) 4. The Pittsburgh Steelers, normally known for their defensive prowess, also had 10 interceptions. They were able to score TDs off of 3 of them. 


5. The Green Bay Packers had 11 interceptions on the season. They didn’t score TDs off of any of them, so hopefully they can remedy these numbers in 2014. Having Clay Matthews back without a club on his hand ought to be of some assistance…


(5*) 6. The Jacksonville Jaguars also snagged 11 interceptions in 2013. They converted 1 of these to a TD. 


(5*) 7. Finally, the San Diego Chargers nabbed 11 interceptions last year. They, like the Jags, were able to turn 1 into a TD. 


8. The Minnesota Vikings' D managed to get 12 interceptions during the 2013 season. None of them were converted to TDs, but considering they allowed more points than any other defense in the league, we won’t judge them too harshly. 


(8*) 9. The New Orleans Saints also had 12 interceptions, none of which were returned for TDs, in 2013. Maybe the addition of Jairus Byrd will help them out in September (y’all know how excited I am to see Byrd and Vaccaro). 


10. The New York Jets' defense snagged 13 interceptions and returned 1 for a TD. I never quite know what’s going on in Jets-land, so we’ll just refrain from overanalyzing anything Rex Ryan and Co. decide to do. That would require too much brainpower on a Friday. 


(10*) 11. The Tennessee Titans' also had 13 interceptions, 1 of which was returned to the end zone. I can’t say that I personally mind seeing 3 of the AFC South’s 4 teams on this list, but we’ll see if our luck (no pun intended, of course) holds out in 2014… 

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