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Top Ten Fewest Total Points Scored in 2014 (By NFL Offense)


If you read yesterday’s column, I bet you $50 you can guess what we’re going to take a look at today. Yup, the lowest scoring teams in the NFL during the 2014 season. This is both an unsurprising and slightly sad list. Over half of these squads had well under 300 points for the entire year. Yikes, boys, get it together. 


1. The Jacksonville Jaguars scored a sad total of 249 points in 16 games during the 2014 NFL season. 


2. The Oakland Raiders weren’t far behind, putting-up just 253 points last year. We’ll see what happens with the addition of big-name receiver Michael Crabtree (yes, he finally found a landing spot) in 2015. 


3. The Tennessee Titans did just one point better than the Raiders, scoring 254 total points in 2014. 


4. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers put 277 points on the scoreboard over the course of an entire season last year. 


5. The New York Jets, during Rex Ryan’s final year as their head coach, scored 283 total points. 


6. The Cleveland Browns almost broke 300 points, scoring 299 on the 2014 season. I blame Johnny Manziel. Why? Because I can, folks. There are actual reasons, but that’ll suffice for this morning. 


7. The Washington Redskins’ recent debacle continued last year, as they scored just 301 points on the year. 


8. The San Francisco 49ers missed the playoffs for the first time in Colin Kaepernick’s young career last season and scored just 306 points to boot. 


9. The Arizona Cardinals scored 310 points last year, which isn’t too bad, actually, given their huge number of injuries. 


10. The Chicago Bears, led by the indomitable Jay Cutler (note my sarcasm), scored 319 points over the course of the 2014 regular season. 

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