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Top Ten Gifts For NFL Loving Ladies This Holiday Season


A couple of weeks ago, I promised gift guides and now that it’s December, it’s time to get going. Hopefully you didn’t blow your entire holiday shopping budget on Black Friday. Today, we’re going to look at my top ten present ideas for all of the NFL loving ladies (or, ya know, me) in your life.

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These boots are the perfect call for NFL gals who live in colder climates. Plus, they promote a good cause. Can’t go wrong.

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I don’t know about the female football fans you know, but I’m more likely to be caught in an NFL shield hoodie and a pair of Colts sweatpants than just about anything else. Oops. Anyway, I’d wear the heck out of this thing and I’m betting your girl will too. Image removed.

I’m actually in possession of the grey version of this shirt and it’s a favorite. Like, “wear it every plane ride” kind of comfy and cute to boot. It’s also affordable enough for all of you guys who are still on student budgets. LogoArt NFL Ladies Breast Cancer Awareness Rhinestone Bracelet If the girl you’re buying for likes a little bling in her life, this breast cancer awareness bracelet is a cute and subtle way to show her love for the league.

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I went to the Hall of Fame for the first time this year and I’m telling you a souvenir t-shirt is a must. This is an adorable one for the ladies. If you live far away from Canton, you could give it to her as part of a trip that includes a visit to the Hall. Just a thought, boys. Image removed.

If a bling-y bracelet isn’t enough for your gal, throw in this rhinestone studded t-shirt to help her show her support for the entire NFL. Image removed.

Every girl loves a cozy blanket. It’s just a fact. This one is both pink (always a winner) and super soft (yes, I’ve touched it already), so you can easily order online without worrying that it will feel like sandpaper. Image removed.

Most women (excepting the beer and whiskey ladies like myself) enjoy a glass of wine from time to time. Or nightly. Whatever. These artisan crafted wine glasses are great for either regular use or display in your girl’s kitchen. I’ve showcased the Saints option because I found it to be particularly festive, but all 32 teams are available.

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Personally, I have a literal obsession with Tervis cups. Like, I have a cupboard just for them. This NFL branded one is one of my favorites, so I think all of your girls should have one in their arsenals too. Just buy it. She’ll thank you later.

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This is a completely superfluous gift item, yet I think it’s the cutest thing on today’s list. I desperately want it for my desk and I’m willing to bet your football-addicted lady does too. You just don’t know it yet.

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