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Top Ten Highest 2014 NFL Ticket Sales

Which NFL Teams Sold the Most Tickets Last Season?
Date & Time Monday August 3, 2015, 12:00 PM (EDT)
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NFL | Which NFL Teams Sold the Most Tickets Last Season?

On Friday, we took a look at the NFL teams that had the most trouble selling out their home games last season. Today, we’re going to look at the teams that had the opposite problem. Today’s entire top ten list sold over 100% of the tickets available for each home match-up in 2014. Not a bad issue to have, when you think about it. 


1. The Green Bay Packers lead today’s top ten with an average of 106.9% capacity last season. With a season ticket wait list that’s several decades long, this shouldn’t come as any surprise. 


2. The Indianapolis Colts averaged 103.8% percent capacity during last year’s home games. Makes me proud to be a Colts fan. 


3. The San Francisco 49ers managed an average of 103.3% capacity in 2014. With a stunning new stadium, it’s no wonder than San Fran fans are flocking to games. 


4. The Seattle Seahawks' 12th Man came out in full-force, with the team averaging 102.1% capacity last season. 


5. The Atlanta Falcons had an average of 101.3% capacity last year. Maybe everyone in the ATL just wants to have a last hurrah at the Georgia Dome before it’s demolished. Can’t quite figure this one. 


6. The Denver Broncos averaged 101.1% capacity during 2014’s home games. No. 18 still knows how to suck ‘em in, there’s no doubt about that. 


7. The Houston Texans had an average of 101.0% capacity last season. This one surprised me a little bit, but then I remembered some guy named JJ Watt is on the roster. 


8. The Philadelphia Eagles averaged 100.7% capacity during their 2014 home games. We’ll see if Sam Bradford (or Tim Tebow) can attract the same crowd this year. 


9.The Tennessee Titans shocked me by showing up on today’s top ten with an average of 100.5% capacity last season. Titans fans are some of the most fair-weather in the league and the weather last year wasn’t too sunny. 


10. The Chicago Bears round out this list is an average of 100.3% capacity last season. Even when Da Bears aren’t doing great, you can keep Chicago sports fans down. 

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