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Top Ten Highest Paid NFL Head Coaches

Learn About the NFL's Most Well Paid Head Coaches
Date & Time Friday April 18, 2014, 12:00 PM (EDT)
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NFL | Learn About the NFL's Most Well Paid Head Coaches

Coaching in the NFL is tough job, but somebody (or 32 somebodies) has got to do it. Fortunately, the stress of the position is alleviated somewhat by the salaries that front offices pay their head coaches. Presumably, it’s difficult to be too worried about your life when you make approximately 8 times as much money as Richard Sherman. After working our way through surprisingly low paid players yesterday, today we’ll turn our attention to the top ten highest paid coaches in the NFL. It bears noting that Mike Shanahan would have been 3rd on this list, but I left him out since he got Black Monday-ed (yes, it can be a verb). 


1. The Saints’ Sean Payton moved past Bill Belichick as the league’s highest paid coach just last year. 50-year-old Payton takes home $8 million per year. Clearly the powers-that-be in New Orleans wanted to let Payton know just how ecstatic they were to have him back on the sidelines after his suspension. 


2. Coming in just half a million dollars per year behind Payton, long-time Patriots head coach Bill Belichick earns $7.5 million annually. Belichick is well on his way to the Hall of Fame and few Pats fans would argue that he’s worth every single cent. 


3. Pete Carroll, who is one of the league’s most beloved head coaches, took his Seahawks to a Super Bowl victory in 2013. Carroll is appropriately compensated, raking in $7 million every year. 


4. When the Rams hired Jeff Fisher as their head coach, they left nothing to chance from a contractual standpoint (this may or may not have been a bright decision given the team’s 2013 woes). Fisher’s $7 million per year salary should keep him happy…now if only the club could manage to put together a winning season. 


5. Ravens head coach John Harbaugh is yet another member of the $7 million a year club (I’ve concluded this is a thing). Harbaugh led his squad to the 2012 Super Bowl, where they memorably beat his brother’s 49ers after a freak power outage. 


6. 67-year-old Tom Coughlin is the oldest coach on this list. Even though Coughlin, Manning, and Co. had a rough 2013, he’s one of the most celebrated coaches in the league, so his salary of $6.8 million is no surprise. 


7. Philadelphia desperately wanted to ink Chip Kelly as head coach and they managed to, to the tune of $6.5 million per year. This is a massive contract for a guy who has no NFL head coaching experience. Fortunately, things have worked out for the Eagles thus far. You just might’ve heard about Nick Foles, the kid they have under center…


8. The Steelers’ Mike Tomlin is the youngest coach on this list, at 41 years of age. Coaching a Pittsburgh squad that has arguably fallen from its glory days is no easy task, but Tomlin does his best to earn every dime of his $6 million per year salary, even if he has to take matters into his own hands…er, feet. Does the Jacoby Jones debacle ring a bell?


9. Andy Reid, who makes $6 million per annum, has managed to completely turn things around in Kansas City. After years of heartbreak, the team finally looks to be getting back on track. Now if they could just manage to beat the Colts in the post-season. I’m okay with this from a personal standpoint, but I can’t imagine KC fans’ frustration…let’s make it a date again next January, Chiefs. 


10. Mike McCarthy, who coaches the storied Green Bay Packers, takes home $5.5 million every year. McCarthy’s team managed to string together a decent season in 2013, even with an absolute mess at the QB position after starter Aaron Rodgers went down with a broken clavicle. This is testament to McCarthy’s talent and to the fact that his players are willing to work hard for him no matter what.

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