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Top Ten Highest Scoring AFC Championship Winners


TGIF (and happy Pro Bowl weekend)! In light of the Patriots’ 45-7 slaughtering of my Colts this past week, we’re going to take a look at the top ten highest scoring AFC Championship game winners today. Monday, it’s your turn NFC fans. 


1. The 1990 Buffalo Bills scored 51 points to the Los Angeles Raiders’ 3 to advance to Super Bowl XXV. There, they lost to the New York Giants by a point. 


2. The 1984 Miami Dolphins beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 45-28 in the AFC Championship game. The ‘Phins went on to lose the Super Bowl XIX to Joe Montana’s San Francisco 49ers. 


(2*) 3. Just last weekend, the New England Patriots trounced the Indianapolis Colts 45-7 in this year’s AFC Championship match-up. Deflated balls made no difference in the overall outcome, just for the record. The Pats will have a chance to win Super Bowl XLIX in just over a week. 


4. At the end of the 2002 season, the Oakland Raiders (they were good once, see?) beat the Tennessee Titans 41-24 to advance to Super Bowl XXXVII. They lost the big one 48-21. 


(4*) 5. The 2004 New England Patriots also scored 41 points in that year’s AFC Championship game. Their opponents, the Pittsburgh Steelers, put 27 points on the board. The Pats won Super Bowl XXXIX by a field goal. 


6. The 1987 Denver Broncos scored 38 points to the Cleveland Browns (they were good once too) 33. The Broncos lost Super Bowl XXI 39-20. 


(6*) 7. The Indianapolis Colts also scored 38 points in the AFC Championship game during their 2006 Super Bowl XLI run. They squeaked by the New England Patriots and, ultimately, finally took a title home to Indy. 


8. In 1989, the Denver Broncos and the Cleveland Browns met in an AFC Championship game rematch. The Broncos once again prevailed, 37-21. They then went on to lose Super Bowl XXIV 55-10. Ouch. 


9. The 1978 Pittsburgh Steelers outscored the Houston Oilers 34-5 in the AFC Championship game. The Steelers won Super Bowl XIII 35-31. 


(9*) 10. The 1980 Oakland Raiders team also scored 34 points in that season’s AFC Championship. They beat the San Diego Chargers, who were able to score 27. The Raiders went on to win Super Bowl XV 27-10.  


(9*) 11. The Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Denver Broncos 34-17 in the 2005 season’s AFC Championship contest. The Steelers ultimately beat the Seattle Seahawks 21-10 in Super Bowl XL. Remember Mike Holmgren’s “striped shirts” comments? Speaking of controversy…

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