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Top Ten Highest Scoring NFL Defenses of 2013

If you’re a football fan, and I’m taking the liberty of assuming you are, you know that defensive points can sometimes be just as critical as offensive points. How many times in your life has your team gotten that W thanks to an interception returned for a TD? Today, we’re going to breakdown the top ten highest scoring defenses of the 2013 season.


1. The Kansas City Chiefs sit alone at the top of this list by a single point. The Chiefs’ D scored 117 points to help propel their team into the postseason. For one game…sorry ‘bout that, Chiefs nation…


2. The Arizona Cardinals' defense had 116 points during the 2013 year. They barely missed out on a play-off berth, but with the Super Bowl in their house this year, they’re sure to play hard in 2014. 


3. The Buffalo Bills scored a 113 defensive points last season. We’ll see how that number looks this year without Jairus Byrd on the roster. 


(3*) 4. The defense you either love or love to hate also scored 113 points during their 2013 road to Super Bowl XLVIII. If the Seattle Seahawks want to repeat this year, they’ll have to maintain this stat. 


5. The Baltimore Ravens, whose season was decidedly not the one they’d hoped for after winning Super Bowl XLVII, still managed to rack-up 111 defensive points last year. 


(5*) 6. Although everyone was focused on Chip Kelly’s offense all season long, the Philadelphia Eagles' D also managed to put-up 111 points on the year. Not bad at all, boys. 


7. The Cincinnati Bengals scored 110 points on defense last year. This probably helped to earn head coach Marvin Lewis yet another of his seemingly endless shots at making it past the first round of the play-offs. 


8. The Denver Broncos, obviously known for their Peyton Manning-led offense, scored 109 defensive points in 2013 as well. While their D couldn’t manage to hold Seattle during the big one, they still looked pretty darn good in the regular season. 


9. The Detroit Lions' defense scored 99 points for the club in 2013. 


10. The San Francisco 49ers close today’s top ten with 98 defensive points last year. Now if they could just bring home a Super Bowl win…

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