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Top Ten Highest Scoring NFL Offenses of 2013

If you’re anything like me, all of this talk about OTAs and mini camps has you gunning for the season to start. This time of year always makes me want to bury my nose in stats and not come out until September. So, as this week winds down, we’re going to start taking a look at some of last year’s most interesting numbers. Today, the top ten highest scoring offenses of the 2013 season (bet you can’t guess who has the No. 1 spot).


1. You called it, right? The Denver Broncos scored 606 total points in 2013, averaging 37.9 PPG (that’s 10 more than the No. 2 team…Super Bowl notwithstanding). 


2. Somewhat surprisingly, the Chicago Bears, traditionally a defensive powerhouse, scored 445 points on the year. Da Bears averaged 27.8 PPG, even without their man Jay Cutler for much of the season.  


3. Tom Brady and Co. rarely struggle to find the end zone (or at least the uprights), even during their off years. The club scored 444 points over the course of the 2013 season and also averaged 27.8 PPG. 


4. The Philadelphia Eagles, who shocked everyone with Nick Foles under center, clock-in with a grand total of 442 points in 2013. They averaged 27.6 PPG. We’ll have to see how much the departure of phenom WR DeSean Jackson impacts their numbers during the upcoming year. I’d be biting my nails just a little if I was a Philly fan.


5. The Dallas Cowboys, coming off of yet another 8-8 season (and, ironically, sitting at the dead center of this list…they really are the kings of being average) scored 439 points during their 2013 campaign. Tony Romo and the ‘Boys averaged 27.4 PPG. 


6.* The Cincinnati Bengals, who are still waiting for that elusive play-off win under the leadership of QB Andy Dalton, amassed 430 points in 2013. They scored an average of 26.9 PPG.


(7) 6.* The Kansas City Chiefs had exactly the same stats in this category as the Bengals in 2013. They, too, scored 430 total points and averaged 26.9 PPG, so I just organized listed them alphabetically. Fairness is important, y’all. 


8.* The Green Bay Packers, who experienced a QB debacle when Aaron Rodgers was injured, still managed to score a total of 417 points during the season. They averaged 26.1 PPG in 2013. 


(9) 8.* The Super Bowl XLVIII champion Seattle Seahawks share stats with the Pack here. They also scored a total of 417 points with an average of 26.1 PPG. 


10. The New Orleans Saints, featuring QB Drew Brees and TE (or whatever we’re classing him as these days) Jimmy Graham, put-up 414 total points in 2013. This works out to an average of 25.9 PPG. 

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