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Top Ten Leading Sackers in NFL History

Since we spent yesterday looking at the league’s all-time sackees (yes, I just invented that word…I have an English degree, so I can do that), I thought we’d dive right in today and break down the top ten sackers in NFL history. Fun fact of the day: the first four guys on today’s list all entered the league in 1985. 


1. Over the course of his 16 year career, which ended in 2003, Bruce Smith had 200.0 total sacks while playing on 2 teams’ rosters. 


2. Reggie White, whose NFL career came to an end in 2000, racked-up 198.0 sacks for 3 teams. 


3. Kevin Greene, who ultimately played for 4 NFL teams, had amassed 160.0 sacks by the time he retired in 1999. 


4. Chris Doleman, who also hung-up his cleats in ’99, had 150.5 total sacks over the course of his career with 3 different NFL teams. 


5. Michael Strahan, everybody’s favorite gap-toothed announcer these days, racked-up 141.5 sacks during his playing career with the New York Giants. 


6. Jason Taylor, who played for 3 teams during his career, ended his run with 139.5 sacks. 


7. John Randle, who played on 2 NFL squads, sacked opposing QBs 137.5 times between 1990-2003. 


(7*) 8. Richard Dent, who played on 4 rosters between 1983-1997, also amassed 137.5 sacks. 


9. John Abraham, the only current player on this list, has been on 3 teams since he entered the league in 2000 and has 133.5 sacks. 


10. Lawrence Taylor (the LT my parents remember…sorry, LaDanian) had 132.5 sacks during his illustrious career with the New York Giants. 


(10*) 11. Leslie O' Neal, who played on 3 NFL teams over the course of 14 years, also racked-up 132.5 sacks.

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