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Top Ten Least Valuable NFL Teams

We’ve already assessed the NFL’s top ten most valuable teams, so it only seemed appropriate to look at the other side of the coin. Today, we’ll break down the least valuable franchises in the league. The usual suspects (read: the Browns, Jags, and Raiders) are here, but there are a few surprises too (I was personally shocked to see the Saints fall on this list). 


1. The Oakland Raiders are worth $825 million and have not enjoyed a winning season since 2002. Nonetheless, their fans are immensely loyal and the franchise still had a revenue of $229 million in 2012. Hopefully the addition of players like Khalil Mack will help the squad turn things around over the course of the next several years. 


2. The Jacksonville Jaguars are valued at $840 million. Though the team has had some trouble filling the stands at EverBank Stadium in recent years, they’re hoping the addition of luxury poolside cabanas (sign me up for the Colts game in Jville!) will boost attendance. In 2012, the franchise had a total revenue of $260 million. 


3. The Buffalo Bills, who are worth $870 million and brought in $256 million in revenue in 2012, are currently waiting for a $100 million renovation of Ralph Wilson Stadium to be completed. The facility is the 3rd oldest in the NFL, but is much loved by both fans and players, so the organization opted to revamp rather than raze it. 


4. The St. Louis Rams (at least for now) are worth $875 million. If the city of St. Louis and the state of Missouri don’t act fast to add a slew of bells and whistles to Edward Jones Dome, though, they risk losing the team, who earned $239 million in 2012, in March of 2015. 


5. The Detroit Lions, who inked Coach Jim Caldwell during this off-season, clock-in with a value of $900 million. The club brought in $248 million in revenue in 2012. Hopefully Caldwell and Co. can help the Lions find some measure of consistency in 2014; the team has talent (Megatron, anyone?), but they can’t seem to fully harness their potential. 


6. The Cincinnati Bengals are worth $924 million. In 2012, the team brought in $250 million worth of revenue after cutting their ticket prices rather dramatically. This did increase attendance at their games, but they still couldn’t manage to win a play-off game. In a game where success is largely measured by the number of Super Bowl rings on one’s finger, the Red Rocket’s legacy isn’t looking too good at this point. 


7. The Atlanta Falcons, valued at $933 million, had a dismal 2013 campaign after making it to the NFC championship game the previous year. During their exceptional 2012 season, the squad earned $252 million in revenue. Hopefully the promise of a new, billion dollar stadium will spur the Falcons to action when September rolls around. 


8. The San Diego Chargers, who finally looked alive at the end of last season (I’m crediting Philip Rivers's bolo tie) after three solid years of losing records, are worth $949 million. The team brought in $250 million in revenue in 2012 and are currently working with the city of San Diego to make their dream of a new stadium a reality. RIP Qualcomm? 


9. The Arizona Cardinals, valued at $961 million, will host the upcoming season’s Super Bowl in their stadium this year. The club, led by Coach Bruce Arians, will look to make a post-season run after just missing out in 2013. The Cards’ 2012 revenue was $253 million. 


10.* As I mentioned, I was surprised to learn that the New Orleans Saints are worth just $1.005 billion. They are arguably one of the most famous teams in the league, after all. The franchise brought in $276 million in revenue in 2012 and are expected to bring in nearly $400 million in added revenue through the year 2025 due to their leasing agreement on the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. 


11.* The Cleveland Browns are also valued at $1.005 billion. In 2012, their revenue was $264 million. The club hasn’t won more than 6 games in a single season in over a decade, so perhaps a few Ws would raise their worth. We’ll see what Johnny Football can manage. 

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