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Top Ten Longest NFL Field Goals of 2013

Field goal kickers are sometimes under appreciated; we, as fans, often take it for granted that they’ll successfully make their attempts, putting 3 more points on the board. I’d like to see you manage a 60-yarder (or, heck, even a 30-yarder), though. Today, we’re going to take a look at the top ten longest field goals of the 2013 season. Yes, Matt Prater’s record breaker leads things off. Obvs.


1. As promised, the Denver Broncos’ Matt Prater takes the No. 1 spot on today’s list. Prater kicked an NFL record breaking 64-yard FG in December of 2013. I have my doubts that Prater would’ve actually made the kick anywhere other than Mile High, but it’s still insanely impressive, altitude aside. 


2. Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker made a 61-yard FG that clinched a December game against the Detroit Lions. 


3. Robbie Gould, FG kicker for the Chicago Bears, nailed a 58-yarder early in the season, breaking his own franchise record (which was previously set at 57 yards.) 


4. Mason Crosby successfully kicked a 57-yard FG that helped to lift his Green Bay Packers over the Dallas Cowboys in November of the 2013 season. 


5. Phil Dawson, esteemed kicker for the San Francisco 49ers, hit a 56-yard FG that helped the Niners beat the Arizona Cardinals in Week 17 last year. 


6. You might notice a similarity among the final 5 spots on today’s top ten (hint: they all involve 55-yard FGs.) First up, the Tennessee Titans' Rob Bironas kicked a 55-harder in early October last year. Fun fact of the day: Bironas is one of the NFL’s top ten kickers ever, statistically speaking. 


(6*) 7. The Buffalo Bills’ Dan Carpenter kicked his 55-yard FG on September 15 of the 2013 season, getting his year off on the right foot (literally.) 


(6*) 8. Carolina Panthers FG kicker Graham Gano, who signed a 4-year contract extension in February of 2014, nailed his 55-yard attempt against the Atlanta Falcons in Week 9 last year. 


(6*) 9. Garrett Hartley, who kicks for the New Orleans Saints, joined Gano in kicking his 55-yarder during a Week 9 match-up. This lifted the Saints over the New York Jets. 


(6*) 10. Last, but not least, veteran kicker Josh Scobee hit a 55-yard attempt for the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 15 against the Buffalo Bills. The Bills took the game by 7, but it was still an impressive showing for Scobee.

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