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Top Ten Longest NFL Kickoff Returns of 2014

We’re going to take it a little bit easy today and run through a quick list. This morning, you’ll learn about the NFL players who had the top ten longest kickoff returns of the 2014 season. Some of these names will probably come as a surprise (Chris Owusu, anyone?)


1. Baltimore Ravens (now San Diego Chargers) WR Jacoby Jones had a 108-yard kickoff return last year. Jones clocked 32 attempts during the season. 


2. Philadelphia Eagles WR Josh Huff had a 107-yard return during the 2014 season. Huff was the kickoff returner 14 times. 


3. Buffalo Bills (now New Orleans Saints) RB C.J. Spiller turned one of his 10 kickoff return attempts into an impressive 102-yard run. 


(3*) 4. Philadelphia Eagles RB Chris Polk also returned a kickoff for 102 yards last year. Polk served as the team’s return specialist 11 times. 


5. Chicago Bears WR Chris Williams had a 101-yard kickoff return in 2014. Williams was a regular returner for the club, racking-up 24 attempts. 


6. Kansas City Chiefs RB Knile Davis had 29 kickoff return attempts last season, one of which turned into a 99-yard run. 


(6*) 7. WR Jalen Saunders, who managed to play for the New Orleans Saints, the New York Jets, the Arizona Cardinals, and the Seattle Seahawks all last year, returned just 2 kickoffs, but one of them was a 99-yard all-out sprint. 


8. Cincinnati Bengals CB Adam Jones (the sole defensive player on today’s list) had a 97-yard kickoff return in 2014. Jones was one of the team’s top return specialists, with 27 attempts. 


9. WR Chris Owusu, who was on both the New York Jets’ and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ rosters last season, may have notched just 2 kickoff returns, but one of them was an 87-yarder. 


10. New England Patriots WR Danny Amendola rounds-out this top ten with his 81-yard kickoff return last year. Amendola had 20 attempts over the course of the season. 

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